What does no network or phone off on Life360 mean?

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What does “No Network or Phone” mean on Life360? We’ll keep it simple and cover the real reasons why you see this message with this guide.

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What does no network or phone off on Life360 mean?

  • If you’re using your phone and you face the error “No network or phone off”, try the following:
  • Log out of Life360. On the additional device where the account has been used, log into Life360.
  • Access the device’s settings On Android mobile devices: Turn “Location” on by tapping on the “Permissions” setting.
  • When using an iPhone or iPad, go to the location settings and choose “Always” under “Allow Location Access”.
  • Return to your primary phone and log back in That should fix it!
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People Also Asked:

Knowing if someone turned off Life360

The easiest way is to use the app to look at the person’s profile. If it is displaying “offline” in their status, then it appears that they turned off Life360.

If you turn your phone off on Life360

Turning your phone off on Life360 prevents your location from being updated and recorded. You will still be able to access the app to check in on friends, view your timeline, & communicate with friends by text message, but you will not share driving experience.

Seeing where someone is paused on Life360

Using the ‘Live’ tab on Life360, members can see where someone is paused. This means that a member can see if an active location is paused by another member and also see where that other member is.

Someone's location not updating on Life360

Someone’s location not updating on Life360

There are several reasons why someone’s location may not updating on Life360. First, they may have recently moved, changed their name, or given their phone number to someone else. Second, the location may be incorrect by a few feet.

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Disable Life360 without anyone knowing

You can disable Life360 without anyone knowing by going into your account settings and setting your visibility to private.

Freezing Life360 without my parents knowing iPhone

To ensure that your parents do not find out about it, you will have to disable the ability for them to see where you are by selecting “Settings” and then “Location Services”. After this, go over to the “Favorites” section of Life360 and turn your phone off. When it resets back on, it will not reveal any information about your location.

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Turning on airplane mode stops Life360

Turning on airplane mode will stop Life360. Simply turn off airplane mode and try again.

Life360 will work if Wi-Fi is off

Life360 works everywhere even if your wifi is off. Life360 uses mobile cell data to track and monitor your family’s location.

Life360 location accuracy

Life360 is incredibly accurate. Most of the time you will receive the location within seconds of its being sent, with the exception being when there are obstacles like tall buildings or trees in the way.

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