What does nerf miner mean TikTok?

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  • A miner is a slang term for gamers, used to describe a person who plays video games in general.
  • It’s also known as “nerf miner” or “delete miner”—two playful variations of the word.
  • The joke itself exists on TikTok and its users can be seen trolling posts with these phrases in the comment section.

supercell to NERF MINER? 

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What does Nerf miner do?

Nerf miner is used to take down the amount of influence that TikTok lets you have. It’s basically game fans trolling posts when you see “nerf miner” or “delete miner” in the TikTok comment section.

What does removal miner mean?

A removal miner is a soldier in the game Clash Royale that is easily killed. People are calling to “remove” or “nerf” them from the game.

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How much damage does a miner do?

A miner’s damage is calculated by its attack power multiplied by a random number from 1 to 1000. If a single hit from the miner deals more than 0 damage, it will destroy the block. Damage is dealt to neighboring blocks as well, affecting their ability to mine new blocks.

How did Miner get nerfed?

How did Miner get nerfed?

Miner got nerfed because he was deemed too powerful.

Is Miner actually good?

Yes! Miner is good. 

What does Nerf miner mean in slang?

Nerf Miners is a funny clan name for Clash Royale. “Nerf Miner” is a meme created by the community itself, who want to nerf miner.

How do I remove a miner from my computer?

How do I remove a miner from my computer?

There are several ways to remove a miner from a computer. Many of them depend on the type of mining program that’s been installed. For example, if it’s malware, you might be able to use an antivirus program to get rid of it; if it was installed manually, you can uninstall it from your Control Panel or Programs and Features window.

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When did Miner get nerfed?

Miner was just recently nerfed, and the internet is still working through all the effects of this.

What do Nerf mean?

Nerf means a lot of things. One thing it always means is that the next thing that happens will be fun, and safe. It comes from Nerf’s original slogan, “It’s Nerf or Nothin’!”

How do you play miner?

Miner is a player-versus-player game where players compete against one another to score points by having their character mine for minerals, craft items and navigate through various levels.

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How do you get a miner?

Getting a miner will require you to go through an application process.

How do you play Miner control?

The Miner control game is a fun game to play. You control a robot that works in the mine to collect all the diamonds and other resources.

What does Nerfing mean in Fortnite?

Nerfing is a term in Fortnite that refers to when a popular item or gun is changed in order to make them less effective.

Is my PC being used for mining?

NO, your computer is not being used for mining.

Nerf Miner 🌐

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