What does it show when someone blocks you on okcupid?

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  • When someone blocks you on OkCupid, it doesn’t show anything obvious in your profile.
  • A blocked user must see that you are online and how many messages you have sent them, but they don’t see any other part of your profile. If they’ve liked or messaged you, it will still say so.


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Why did my OkCupid conversation disappear?

Why did my OkCupid conversation disappear?There are many reasons why a conversation on OkCupid may have disappeared. The most likely reason is that one of you, or both of you, have deleted the message thread. Otherwise, there may be an issue with our system and we’ll try to find out what happened.

What does it look like when someone block you?

1. When someone blocks you, you won’t be notified.
2. If you have mutual friends with the person who blocked you, your posts will still show up in those friend’s News Feeds.

3. Blocked people won’t be able to see your name or profile picture in Facebook search results or see your content on Facebook.

What does this user disabled their account mean on OkCupid?

What does this user disabled their account mean on OkCupid?

When a user disables their account on OkCupid, they remove all of their information and photos from their profile. You will not see their profile until they re-enable their account.

Can you make your OkCupid profile invisible?

Yes, you can make your OkCupid profile invisible. In order to do so, login to your account and click on the profile page. Once there, scroll down to the bottom of the page and select Set Visibility “Everyone”

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How do I retrieve deleted messages on OKCupid?

How do I retrieve deleted messages on OKCupid? This article will help you.

1.) Visit the Matching Questions page of your profile, scroll down to the bottom of the list and click on “Show SSO Access Token”.

2.) Copy-and-paste your token in a new tab, then log into your OKCupid account.

3.) Go to your Inbox, click “Messages” at the top left of your desktop or just below the navigation bar on mobile devices.

4.) Once there, choose “Inbox” to see all of your unread messages or “Weeks Old” below it if looking for something further back.

5.) From this menu, click “show more” next to the day you wish to see messages from which should show three different archives: one that begins at today’s date – 30 days or six months depending on how far back you want to go!

6.) For example if you want to retrieve deleted messages from last month (March) with a scope of 180 days from now, then click “March Last Month” which brings up 90 days between March-April

How do you Unsend a message on OKCupid?

How do you Unsend a message on OKCupid?

To unsend a message on OKCupid, you will want to edit the message and click “unsend sent messages.” You can only unsend messages from the last hour.

Can you search for a specific person on OkCupid?

Yes, you can search for a specific person on OkCupid. To do so, click on “Search for Username” in the top right corner of your homepage. Enter their username into the field and press enter. You’ll then be able to see messages and comments from that person!

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Can you unlike someone on OkCupid?

Yes, you can unlike someone on OkCupid. Liking someone or un-liking them is just a way of saving or deleting a person as a potential match. You don’t have to convert your likes into likes/unlikes and vice versa. This option is only helpful if you want to save certain profiles for later use but don’t want them to show up within your results for a certain period of time.

Do OkCupid accounts expire?

Do OkCupid accounts expire?

Yes, OkCupid accounts expire. If you do not log in to your account for 6 months or more, it will be closed and the data can no longer be edited. You will no longer be able to login or retrieve your profile or messages.

Can you tell if someone unmatched you onOKCupid?

You can tell if someone unmatched you onOKCupid. After you’ve messaged each other, you should see a message saying they’ve un-matched you. If this hasn’t happened, then they probably haven’t un-matched you and it may be worth sending them a reminder message to let them know you would still like to be matched.

Can you see who viewed your profile on OKCupid?

Yes. You can see who viewed your profile on OKCupid, or you can find out by using the site’s search feature to look for specific people.

What does Passport mean in OKCupid?

Passport is a feature that allows you to link your OKC account with other social media accounts, including Facebook and Twitter. This way, you can display your profile on all three sites simultaneously!

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What is a good match percentage on OkCupid?

A good match percentage varies from person to person, but OkCupid gives a general range of the different types of matches. On our homepage, for example, you can see that 35% to 45% is a good match percentage. Those numbers might seem wide, but it’s important to remember that we show you some results if your percentages are lower than that range or higher than that range. So while there are no “bad” match percentages on OkCupid, we do have different kinds of matches at different places along the scale:

Why do guys delete their dating profile?

Lots of guys delete their dating profile because they’ve found someone they really like, or they feel that the profile’s not working.

Why do guys delete their text messages?

If you’re wondering why guys delete their text messages, it could be that they want to avoid having conversations with you. This is easier said than done, especially if you know the person well or your relationship is long-term. They may be trying to protect themselves from further emotional pain, or simply don’t want to talk about their feelings or past.

Where is the blue star on OkCupid?

The blue star on OkCupid is placed above the messages that you have not read for two days or more. If your account has not been used for 2 days and a message arrives, the default action – displaying all unread messages- will be taken.



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