What does /ih mean on TikTok?

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  • In recent years every other day, a new slang or new abbreivtion takes over the internet.
  • Therefore, it becomes hard to understand the meaning of all of them.
  • /ih is the newest viral slang that stands for “I’m High”, as when someone is on drug.

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People Also Asked:

What is ih short for?

“ih” is short for “Im High” as in “I’m high on drugs”

What does IB me mean on TikTok?

It means that the video has been inspired by another viral or notable video. This is a form of acknowledgement of the original creator and their work.

What does DC and IB mean on TikTok?

“Dc” and “IB” are terms used on TikTok to give tribute to a video that has inspired someone else to make their own dance video. They stand for “Dance credit” “Inspired by”

What does TC mean on TikTok ?

What does TC mean on TikTok ?

TC stands for Top Commenter, which means that you’re one of the top commenters in a specific video. TC is a status symbol on TikTok – people like to be recognized for their value and impact as a commenter.

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What does LB stand for TikTok?

LB stands for LoveBracelet, which is a TikTok game that allows users to exchange bracelets and receive tips from other users with their accounts.

What does RMP mean on TikTok?

RPT stands for “Remind me please”.

What does RM mean on TikTok?

What does RM mean on TikTok?

RM is a popular term on TikTok that refers to the amount of money you can get for your musical talent. RM stands for “Real Money,” and this is how TikTok pays its performers who have thousands of followers and millions of views.

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What does FC stand for?

FC stands for “fiberglass composite”, which is made by combining glass with resin.

Does Qt mean cutie?

Yes, Qt is short for cutie, so you’re basically dressed from head to toe in what people call cute.

What does SC mean on TikTok?

What does SC mean on TikTok?

SC stands for Super Chat. It is a new way to tip creators on TikTok, where you can pay extra to have your comment or message stand out from the crowd, and be highlighted as a so-called Super Chat.

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What’s an OG in slang?

The OG in slang is the original gangster or a person who is the original member of a group.

What is DC in TikTok?

The DC stands for dance challenge. It is a popular activity in TikTok where users are encouraged to share their choreographed dance videos with the hashtag “#dancechallenge”.

What does DT mean texting?

DT means ‘Don’t Text’. It’s supposed to be used when someone is on their way to you, or you are on your way to them, and it’s not the time for a text message exchange.

What does FTM mean on Snapchat?

FTM is an abbreviation for female to male, which means someone who was born a female, but identifies as a male.

What Does \”ib\” Mean On TikTok

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