What does it mean when someone says goodbye on eHarmony?

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Goodbye. It’s a word millions of us say every day, but what does it mean when someone uses it on eHarmony? That’s the million-dollar question. Luckily for you, we ran some behavioral analysis on the words and phrases that people use to say goodbye on eHarmony and came up with this guide!

How Does eharmony Work? A Beginner’s Guide

What does it mean when someone says goodbye on eHarmony?

  • If someone said goodbye to you on eHarmony, they want to break off their connection with you.
  • This means that they don’t think that you are a good match and want to move on.
  • The best thing to do in this situation is to respect their choice and no longer try to connect with them.
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People Also Asked:

Saying goodbye to a contact on eHarmony

If you’re done talking to someone, you can simply say goodbye on your chat. The other person will get a clear message that you are no longer available, and cannot initiate a chat with you.

The Popsicle meaning in eharmony

The Popsicle is an icebreaker where you describe yourself, and then your match rates who they think you are. This helps build a connection right away.

Favorites on eharmony

When someone favorites you on eharmony, it means they’ve taken the time to learn more about you by checking out your profile and have made a point to show interest in your dating life.

eHarmony shows someone's last online status

eHarmony shows someone’s last online status

Find out when your eharmony matches were last online. You can see it just below the photo on the left side, in bright red letters!

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eHarmoney profile view

You can check to see if anyone has viewed your eHarmony profile by changing the settings on your privacy settings.

A good eharmony score

An eharmony score of 100 is a fantastic eharmony score! Most people do not ever achieve a perfect match. 

Matches disappear on eharmony

If your matches seem to disappear off eharmony, it could be for one of a few reasons. The first is simply that you may have canceled the match. Second, there could be a problem with our matching algorithm. It may also simply be that we have run out of possible candidates to match you with. In this case, we will notify you if another match becomes available in the future.

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Getting new matches on harmony per day

Every day, you’ll receive new matches that fit your profile so you can choose who you want to meet. You can expect to receive 1-5 matches per day.

Blocking someone on eHarmony

You can block members who are harassing you, sending you unwanted messages, or make inappropriate contact with you. To do so, simply click “block user” on the right-hand side of their profile page.

Not getting responses on eharmony

You might not be getting responses on eharmony because you have been messaging people who are only looking for something casual or if someone is not interested in a long-term relationship, they usually put no in the type of relationship field.

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