What does DTN mean on TikTok?

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On TikTok, a mobile video sharing platform, you would sometimes see a post tagged with “DTN.” This can be pretty confusing to some people. Ideally, this blog post will answer the question: What does DTN on TikTok mean?

What does dtn mean on TikTok

What does DTN mean on TikTok?

  • Nowadays, TikTok and other social media platforms are full of acronyms.
  • DTN is an acronym used on TikTok to express the message that you shouldn’t trust anyone.
  • It’s a cool way to say that you’ve been betrayed or lied to and have suffered extreme consequences as a result.

People Also Asked:

DTN meaning on TikTok

DTN is a term that’s commonly used on TikTok, especially amongst young adults. It means ‘Don’t Trust Nobody’ or ‘Don’t Trust No One’. Typically, it’s used to warn people about a potential threat or danger in the vicinity.

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DTB meaning on TikTok

The DTB slang originated from a song of the same meaning. The slang is an acronym for ‘Don’t Trust Boys.’ When you see DTB it means that you should not trust a boy because they are unreliable.

DTM meaning on TikTok

DTM on TikTok means “Dead to Me” and is often used when someone has held a grudge for too long or has done something against their friend’s will.

SC meaning on TikTok

SC meaning on TikTok

SC, or “Super Like”, is the highest level of appreciation on TikTok. It’s basically your way of saying that someone’s creative content is so good, you want to show them love.

🤙 meaning in slang

🤙 is a slang word that means “great”. It can be used any time of the day – whether you are feeling happy, sad or just want to show someone how much you care.

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LH meaning on TikTok

LH means light-hearted on TikTok. It can indicate that a video is meant to be fun and silly, or not too serious. It’s common on TikTok to make a song sound or look happier when the word light-hearted appears with it.

DT and SDT meaning on TikTok

DT (Daily Thumb) is an indicator of how much views you’ve received on TikTok in the last 24 hours. SDT (Song Daily Thumb) is an indicator of how much views you’ve received on TikTok in the last 24 hours, only when you are playing songs.

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STM meaning

STM is an abbreviation for ‘Should Talk More’. It is a reminder that you have to speak more and do more activities like meeting with people, visiting places and going on vacations to have better relationships and get what you want in life by communicating with others.

OMM meaning

OMM is an acronym for “On my mind.” It’s used to inform the person you’re texting that you’re thinking about them and care about what’s going on in their life.

SRS meaning on TikTok

SRS is a shorthand for “serious” and/or “serious content.” You can use SRS to let people know that you are serious about your comments and that you don’t want their fun jokes or memes on the thread.

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