What does DTB means on TikTok?

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I was wondering what the DTB acronym on TikTok stands for? My theory is that on the social platform, all of the top TikTok videos, bloggers and celebrities are hashtagging their videos with DTB. I want to be one of those in the future.

DTB means don’t trust bītches 🥱

What does DTB means on TikTok?

  • DTB is one of the most popular acronyms on all social media platforms, including TikTok.
  • Guys use it for girls and it means to them “Don’t trust *itches, and girls use it to describe guys as it stands for “Don’t trust boys”.
  • DTB was the most hashtag word on TikTok in 2021.
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People Also Asked:

DTB meaning slang

DTB is an acronym for “Don’t trust boys” or “Dont trust bitches”. It is aimed at people of the opposite sex, as a warning to stay away from them. This is not limited to only girls or guys, but can also be used by anybody, regardless of gender.

DTM meaning on TikTok

DTM is a term that you might see on TikTok, and it means “Dead to Me”. When you get DTM’d, the person who sent it to you removes all your mutuals, unfollows you and stops interacting with you.

DNT meaning on TikTok

The meaning of DNT on TikTok is not to trust. DNT can also mean “Dont Know”.

DTN meaning in text

DTN meaning in text

DTN is an acronym for Don’t Trust No One. It is commonly used in internet forums, chat rooms and instant messenger groups as a warning to others in the group against being deceived or tricked by someone who may try to make you do something malicious.

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ONB meaning 

ONB means On No Body. It’s a popular you are telling someone that they are drunk and they don’t know what they are talking about.

FNF meaning on TikTok

FNF, or Friday Night Funkin’, is a weekend activity that combines music and social. As an open-source community, all FNF related apps are free to use and available on Android, iOS and desktop.

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DDM meaning in texting

DDM. Don’t Damn Me. DDM is one way to tell a friend that you don’t want to listen to their complaining. Some people use DDM as a shortened form of Dont Damn Me but currently, it has most commonly been used as Show me the money

W meaning on TikTok

W means WINNING on TikTok. This is a way to have fun and interact with people who are doing the same challenges.

MI meaning on TikTok

MI means “Million” on TikTok, and it’s used to express how many views you have (e.g., 1 MI means your video has more than 1 million views).

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