What does check-in mean on Life360?

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  • Check-in is one of the useful features of Life360.
  • By clicking on “check-in,” you can send your location to circle members almost immediately.

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Does Life360 tell you when someone checks your location?

Yes, Life360 will notify you when someone checks your location. You can choose to be notified through DMs, text messages, and push notifications.

How can you tell if someone is on their phone on Life360?

Check to see if a person on Life360 is on their phone by checking the Heart icon in the app. The heart icon is located on top of the person’s profile pic. If the heart is solid red, they’re actively using their phone and not driving. If it’s grey, they may have just checked their phone and then put it back down so don’t worry too much.

What do the symbols on Life360 mean?

The symbols on your Life360 app screen let you know how close to each other people in your family are, who’s on the move, and whether someone is driving. Each symbol also has a specific meaning that can help you know if your loved ones are in a safe place or need some help.

How often does Life360 update its location?

How often does Life360 update its location?

Life360 updates location every 2 seconds. So you’ll always have the most up-to-date data on where your family is and whether they are okay.

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Can you turn your location off on Life360 without anyone knowing?

Yes! You can turn your location off on Life360 without anyone knowing. To turn off your location and still have peace of mind, you can use this feature to set up a temporary “Safe Area”.

How do I pause Life360 without my parents knowing?

 Put your phone in airplane mode. This will stop all of your location sharing and allow you to still check in through the app when needed.

What does Life360 show when phone is off?

What does Life360 show when phone is off?

While your phone is off, Life360 will show the most recent location information added to your account. If your phone is off, the GPS feature will also be off, making it impossible to determine where you are when your phone is off.

What does “bubble” mean on Life360?

Bubbles function by letting any Life360 Circle member share a circle that represents their approximate position rather than their precise location.

What do purple dots on Life360 mean?

Their phone’s connection to Life360’s computers to transmit their position is represented by the purple dots that appear on the map.

What does green dot mean on Life360?

What does green dot mean on Life360?

The green Life360 map icon, which is a little green dot in the center of a circle, displays the location of a member on your map. The member has turned on Life360’s vehicle detection feature if the map icon is green. They may now be followed while driving in real-time.

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How accurate is Life360?

The Life360 app has gotten very accurate. It reports on where I am and the traffic, which can definitely be a lifesaver at times.

How do you know if someone paused their location on Life360?

You’ll know when someone paused their location on Life360 if it appears gray in your app, if you receive a push notification that says “Your contact paused,” or if you receive an email alert with the subject line: “The status of your location has changed.”

Why does Life360 show walking instead of driving?

While driving, the smartphone can act as a GPS receiver, thus allowing to record accurate information about your journey. However, when you walk and do not have a way to connect your smartphone to the car’s navigation system, Life360 will show walking instead of driving.

Can Life360 read texts?

No, Life360 does not read your texts. We cannot see the contents of your text messages, calls or emails. Learn more about Life360’s privacy commitment here: https://www.life360.com/privacy

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What does it mean when someone’s location doesn’t update?

If someone’s location doesn’t update, it means that they either have their phone powered off or have lost cell service. Calls cannot be made over WiFi and the GPS requires an active data connection, so while they may be in your area their phone is not capable of connecting to the cellular network, or their battery has died during the call.

Why is someone’s Life360 not updating?

If your Life360 hasn’t updated, try signing out and signing back in to the App Store app. Or if that doesn’t work, check the time. To save battery life and data, the location tracking feature is only enabled while you are connected to WiFi. If your phone is disconnected from WiFi, you will have to reconnect to WiFi to see your friends’ updates.

Why does Life360 show short trips?

Your geolocation may be tying you to a cell tower more away each time the WiFi goes down, leading Life360 to believe you keep going to and from cell towers.

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