What do the icons on eHarmony mean?

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The desire for love is universal. It knows no boundaries of age, gender, or race…but it can sometimes be confusing. There are so many people out there, which makes sense why online dating sites like eHarmony have taken off. No doubt you’ve probably wondered what the eHarmony icons mean at some point in your life—I know I have. So that’s why I’m writing this piece!

How does eHarmony work? A Beginner’s Guide

What do the icons on eHarmony mean?

  • eHarmony’s icons are designed to make it easier for you to communicate with your matches.
  • The Popsicle icon is there for you to use as an icebreaker to break the awkwardness when you first begin communicating with someone.
  • The smiley face tells your match that you’re into them, and the heart means that you’re more serious about a relationship but still in no hurry to meet.
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People Also Asked:

The highest score on eharmony

The highest score is 140 and is achieved by very few.

A good eHarmony match score

A number above 100 indicates a very strong match, while anything below 100 means the two are not likely compatible.

The buttons on eharmony

The buttons on eharmony are designed to help you identify and communicate with users who share the same interests and values. Each button designates a different level of interest in someone else’s profile. There are two types of buttons

Sending a smile on eharmony

Sending a smile on eharmony

On eharmony, you can send a smile to any member who has caught your eye. If they like what they see, they’ll send you a smile back. Whether you want to get noticed or just pass the time, smile away. Just make sure it’s only with those who really make you happy!

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No Profile view count

We are completely confidential, so you can be sure that the only person who will know how many times you view someone’s profile is you.

2 check marks meaning on eHarmony

Two check marks means someone has opened and read your message. 

Waiting for a response on eHarmony

You can expect to receive a response from your matches within 24 hours. We also have an online messaging system so you can contact your matches directly if time is of the essence.

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eharmony match based on attractiveness

eharmony does not match based on attractiveness. The whole point of the site is to help people find relationships that are compatible and have the best chance of success. We implement match questions that are designed to find a good fit for both partners’ wants and needs.

If you star someone on eHarmony

When you star someone on eHarmony, we will put them in your favorites section. This is a great place to keep track of all the singles who you think are worth a second look.

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