What do guys see on Bumble when you swipe right?

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The first swipe is the most important one. Not because it’s the first but because it reveals your picture and set of options for guys to choose from on dating app Bumble. Don’t worry – only the guys you like can see these pictures! In this post I’m going to focus on Bumble and tell you what men see when they’re shown a girl on their screen.

Bumble Swipe Right

What do guys see on Bumble when you swipe right?

  • When you swipe right on a guy’s profile, it means you’re interested in being matched with him.
  • He’ll receive a notification and can see your first name and profile picture.
  • If the guy swipes right at you, the match is made!

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The way of swiping right

Swipe right if you think they are cute. Swipe left if you don’t want to date them or if you’re not interested. Swipe right and try to find out if the two of you are a match.

If you swipe right on Bumble

If you swipe right on Bumble, it will send a message to the other person instantly. If they swipe right on you too, then you get matched and can chat!

The swipe system on Bumble

The swipe system on Bumble

Swipe is the easiest way to start a conversation on Bumble, and it’ll tell you if they like you back! Swipe left if you aren’t interested in them (we all swipe at some point), but if you’re hoping to make a match, swipe right and send ’em a message. If they like you back and have also swiped right, you’ve got a match!

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New matches per 24hour

No person is seen more than once within a 24-hour period. After 24 hours we will automatically match you with new people.

Guys stop responding on Bumble

Honestly, it’s a shame. There are lots of reasons why guys may stop responding on Bumble. Maybe they didn’t like your pic, or they aren’t as interested in you as you thought they were. Maybe they have a girlfriend. Maybe they just walked away from their phone. Whatever the reason may be, it’s never personal!

The first thing to say in Bumble

To start a conversation with someone on Bumble, send them a “hello.” If they respond and strike up a conversation, great! If they don’t respond to your hello, that’s okay because you can choose to “strike” that user.

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Answering on Bumble

Answering on Bumble can take as long as you want it to, but we recommend answering within 24 hours. Your connections are important to us, and so are the people who match with you.

Someone keeps popping up on Bumble

If someone keeps popping up on your Bumble, that’s because that person has recently swiped right on you. If you see them again after a few hours and swipe left, they’ll no longer show up as a profile under Recent Matches.

Swiping left too much on Bumble

Swiping left too much on Bumble will cause your account to be locked.

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