What causes a distance on Bumble to vanish?

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Have you ever been having fun and flirting with a guy for a couple of days on Bumble, until one day you notice he’s suddenly not responding to your messages? No more “Hey”, no more smileys. Even when you are talking from the same location, he seems to have become unreachable or has vanished.

Bumble’s Location Feature Explained

What causes a distance on Bumble to vanish?

  • There are two reasons why your match distance may suddenly vanish.
  • The first is if the person has completely closed the app, which requires them to log in again.
  • The second reason for disappearing distance is that they have gone into snooze mode, which basically means no one can message or view their profile until they come back online.
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People Also Asked:

Importance of location

Location is extremely important in terms of online dating. Bumble, like any other dating app, takes into account your location so it can show you people who live nearby.

Updating location automatically

Bumble will not automatically update your location. If you’re concerned about privacy, you can choose to disable location sharing.

Accuracy of Bumble location feature

Bumble’s location feature is incredibly accurate. The app uses your phone’s GPS to find other users closest to your location which helps locate you.

Telling if someone is active on Bumble

Telling if someone is active on Bumble

You can tell if someone is active on Bumble by looking at their Activity Feed. The Activity Feed shows you all the people you’ve matched with, plus anyone who has swiped right on your profile.

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Bumble determining location

Bumble determines your location by using your current location (as indicated by your phone’s GPS, for example) when you set up the app. If you move to a different city, city or country and swipe again, we’ll update your location to match.

Someone’s location disappearing on Bumble

Location can go missing on Bumble in a variety of ways. Someone may have deleted the app, deactivated their account, gone on to snooze mode, or have had their account hacked.

Snooze mode on Bumble hides your location

The snooze mode on Bumble actually hides your location and prevents the match from knowing if they’re reciprocating their interest. This allows you to get back to them when it’s convenient for you, and also avoids having to end up in a long phone convo with someone who isn’t a good fit.

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Bumble distance

Bumble distances you from potential matches who might be in a different location, so the app will only match you with people in your city. This makes it easier to connect with locals who are interested in dating right here – and only here – just like you.

Changing location on Bumble

To change your location on Bumble, go to your profile and tap the ‘Edit’ button near your location. From there, you’ll have the option to update your status as well as enter a new address for your current location.

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