What are the benefits of hearting location on Life360?

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Did you know there’s an option to heart a location in their app? It can seem a bit pointless, but there are actually some awesome benefits that come with it.

Life360 app quick overview

What are the benefits of hearting location on Life360?

  • The hearting location is one of the most helpful features of life360.
  • This feature helps to distinguish family members from non-family persons, making it easy to locate them immediately.
  • As you find more people with whom you can share the locations, this feature will become even more useful.

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Hearting a location on Life360

To heart a location on Life360: 1. Go to the location that you would like to heart. 2. Tap the “Heart” button that displays at the bottom of your screen.

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❤ meaning on Life360

In Life360, the heart icon indicates that you are seeing members of your immediate family. It indicates that you have access to their messages, location, and other details.

Life360 tells when someone checks your location

Life360 does tell you when a friend checks your location. The app has built in features that allow you to set your privacy settings, alerting you when someone checks/views your location.

Updating someones location on Life360

Updating someones location on Life360

To update someone’s location in Life360, simply open up the app and select “People” from the bottom left corner. Then, choose the person you would like to check on and click “Track” in their profile. From here you will be able to see their last known location on a map and choose any of the updates available.

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Someone’s location not updating on Life360

Sometimes Life360 users can experience delays in location updates, especially when they first use the service. This can happen when someone is in an area with poor cellular service or buildings with a lot of walls and doors between the GPS device and GPS satellites. If someone’s location isn’t updating, you may need to give them a call. 

Telling if someone is active on Life360

You can tell if someone is active on Life360 by the green dot on their profile. The green dot indicates that they are currently sharing their location with you.

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Manipulating Life360 location

You can manipulate Life360 location in multiple ways. If you want to test your location accuracy and filter out false location signals, you can adjust your device’s location services settings. You can also choose to manually change the coordinates of a phone number or device via our website.

Life360 bouncing around

Life360 uses Talkatone, so it will automatically bounce around to conserve the battery life of the member who is driving. Just make sure you are at least 10 feet away from other members as you will be automatically connected to them.

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