What are important factors in Amazon driver salary?

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Amazon drivers can work as a seasonal or full-time Amazon delivery driver and be responsible for the timely delivery of packages, groceries, and even gift items. Payment is made per delivery so it’s important to check where the next Amazon job is in your area.  What factors make an Amazon driver salary? Primarily, the factors are:


What are important factors in an Amazon driver salary?

  • The factors that influence an Amazon driver salary include education, experience, work location and tips.
  • If a part-time driver is still in university, they are probably not going to make much money. But if they graduate college and have several years of driving experience, they may earn more money.
  • Also, if their delivery address is in a city with high traffic, they will be able to make more than drivers who tend to deliver items in cities with fewer people and less traffic
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People Also Asked:

Amazon’s top pay for drivers

Amazon’s top pay for drivers is $170,000 a year. They also offer a comprehensive benefits package, including health and dental benefits, 401(k), paid time off, tuition reimbursement, and stock options

The number of packages an Amazon driver deliver a day

Amazon drivers need to deliver around 150 packages a day to meet their productivity metrics. Some drivers pick up and drop off packages from Amazon’s own warehouses on the same day, while others make longer journeys to deliver parcels much further away.

Amazon drivers paying for their own gas

Amazon drivers do not pay for their own gas. Amazon pays the drivers’ expenses (gas, insurance, upkeep and repairs, etc.) as part of their compensation package.

The benefits Amazon drivers get

The benefits Amazon drivers get

Amazon drivers get paid vacations and benefits just like full-time Amazon employees. And they can choose to join the union too!

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Make a living off Amazon Driver

It is possible to make a living off Amazon Driver. You have to have the right mindset and work ethic, as well as talent for finding great deals and selling them. If you can do that consistently enough, then you can definitely make a living off of Amazon driver.

Amazon drivers get paid overtime

Amazon drivers do get paid overtime. Drivers are required to clock-in and clock-out every hour. Overtime is paid based on scheduled hours of service which is calculated as a weighted average of the last 60 calendar days of actual driving and paid time-off hours during the 60 day period.

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Amazon drivers work 40 hours a week

Amazon drivers typically work 40 hours per week and deliver Amazon packages for a fixed block of hours daily, which is about 8 hours.

Days a week Amazon delivery drivers work

Amazon delivery drivers work four days a week and make around $25 per hour.

It is worth it to drive for Amazon Flex

Amazon Flex provides a flexible, part-time way to earn money and drive in your spare time. You can choose your own schedule – whether that’s mornings, evenings, weekends, holidays or other peak times – it all works out.

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