What age range has more action on Bumble?

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When you think of the dating app scene, Bumble likely comes to mind. It’s one of the most popular dating apps, and has attracted a lot of hype in the media. But what I’m interested in, is who uses it more – men or women? And once we identify that, which age range has more action on Bumble?

How to Change Age Range in Bumble Dating

What age range has more action on Bumble?

  • Bumble is a dating app for single women and men to meet other singles.
  • The largest groups of single Bumble members are women between the ages of 21 and 32, followed by men who are around 30 years old.
  • If you’re not in the right age range, you won’t have many options in terms of matching with people on Bumble.
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People Also Asked:

Change aage range on Bumble

You can change your age range on Bumble by tapping the Menu icon in the top-left hand corner of the home screen. From there, tap on Settings and then Edit Age Range. Toggle off or on any age ranges that aren’t what you want, then hit Done when finished.

Filter race on Bumble

Bumble does not filter race in any way.

The Age group that is Bumble best for

Bumble is one of the best dating apps for all ages, but it is especially popular among women in their late 20s. The app is fantastic for those who want to avoid online harassment, but still want the option of talking to people they find interesting. 

The average age on Bumble

The average age on Bumble

The average age on Bumble is 29 and the majority of our users are between 25 and 34.

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Bumble is good for older singles

Bumble is a great app for older singles. With Bumble Date, you can meet new people in an easy and fun way that feels natural and informal—and it’s free to download!

The difference between Tinder and Bumble

The two apps have similar features, but also a few key differences. Bumble is designed to promote gender equality for meeting one another, as only women can send messages first. Tinder doesn’t have this restriction and allows users to send both men and women messages (and vice versa).

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Bumble match age preferences

Bumble does match age preferences. We are a relationship app and our goal is to help you find meaningful relationships that last. But most importantly we are here to facilitate people meeting other like-minded people who have compatible personalities and life goals suited for growth in long term relationships

People from far away are liking me on Bumble

You may have noticed that lots of people from far away are connecting with your profile on Bumble. It’s because you ‘re telling them the story of your life; a beautiful narrative that is captivating, entertaining and real. People who feel connected to you will naturally want to share in your journey by liking you on Bumble.

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