What age group uses Hinge the most?

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Hinge is one of the popular mobile dating apps on the market, offering users a way to meet like-minded people nearby. Now that Hinge has been around for eight years, we thought it would be interesting to see how the demographics of its users change over time. So we analyzed user data from November 2014 to June 2021 to find out which age group used the app most.

Hinge Dating App Review

What age group uses Hinge the most?

  • On Hinge, you have to be at least 18 to create an account.
  • Most Hinge users are between 23 and 36, so people ages 20–40 will probably feel most comfortable on the app.
  • Although it doesn’t mean that older people shouldn’t use this app, for example about 20 percent of Hinge users are over 45 years old.

Using Hinge for hookups

Hinge is a great way to meet people who share your interests, are looking for something long-term, or maybe just friends. Hinge is not used for hookups; however, users can choose to filter matches based on intent and relationship goals.

Hinge or Tinder better for hookups

The answer to the question of which dating app is better—Hinge or Tinder—is that they both have their advantages. Tinder has a huge user base, and it’s quick and easy to use. But people come to Hinge for something different: a chance to find real connections with real people.

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Hinge used for everything

Hinge is the easiest way to meet new people. Approved singles can instantly message anyone they like or have the option to go on a date with one of the many single people in their area. You can also see which of your Facebook friends are using Hinge—and see if they’re interested in meeting someone new!

Users of Hinge dating app

Users of Hinge dating app

Hinge Dating app is used by college students, city dwellers, and people who want to meet people nearby.

Someone is on Hinge

You can tell if someone is on the Hinge app by looking for the green heart in the top left corner of their profile. If you see this, then it means that he or she has found your profile exciting or interesting enough to open it.

Age group uses Hinge the most

We found that Hinge is used mostly by 25–35-year-olds. In fact, on average 80% percent of our users are aged between 25 and 35. Of those who had answered our survey and given the option ‘under 25’, almost half were only 18 and 19 years old.

Hinge popularity

Hinge popularity

Hinge is so popular because of their smart matching algorithm, which aims to put people together who share more in common. Hinge is a dating app that focuses solely on building relationships between established populations, meaning that you are matched with potential partners who have previously liked you.

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Bumble or Hinge

Hinge appeals to a different audience than Bumble. Where Hinge users are looking for something more serious and long term, Bumble is a bit more casual. They both have their strengths and weaknesses, which we’ll discuss below.

Guys prefer Bumble or Hinge

A lot of guys prefer Hinge over Bumble, because it’s more personal. Plus, most of the matches on Hinge are women looking for real relationships rather than just a hookup (i.e., users tend to have around 250 mutual friends compared to 20-30 on Bumble). If you’re looking for something long term and want a good way to meet men who share that same goal, try Hinge.

Hinge success rate

Hinge success rate is over 90 percent, which means that our users are more successful in finding love than any other dating app on the market.

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Married people use Hinge

According to our numbers, about 4 percent of users on Hinge are currently married.

Talk to girls on Hinge

Hinge is a counter-intuitive dating app with a heart. Once you start talking to a girl that you like, she’ll need to respond in order for the conversation to continue. If she doesn’t respond within the required amount of time or at all don’t be discouraged! Move on and find someone new, who will want to talk to you.

Someone keeps showing up on Hinge

When you keep seeing the same person on Hinge, it could be a sign that you have mutual friends. Or maybe your social circles just overlap more than anyone else’s. Either way, it may be time to give them a shot because there’s a good chance they’re as awesome as you think they are.

Hinge for gay and straight

Hinge is not only for straight people but also gay and bisexual people. Using the same matching algorithm as online dating, Hinge helps you find your perfect match in real life that you can meet up with.

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