Should I use my real name on eHarmony?

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One of the questions I get asked a lot is “Should I use my real name when signing up on eHarmony?” The answer isn’t simple. Some people use a nickname, some write their full name, some use something silly. So there’s no right or wrong answer, but here are some things you may want to consider.

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Should I use my real name on eHarmony?

  • When creating a profile on eHarmony, it’s best to use your real name. This also applies to other dating sites.
  • Your first name should be enough to identify you but avoid using your full name, this could lead to unwanted contact from strangers and stalkers.
  • You should also consider adding some personal details such as favorite books or quotes that could help matchmakers understand what kind of person you are likely to be compatible with.
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People Also Asked:

Changing gender preferences on eharmony

You can change your gender preferences on Eharmony by going to the account settings page and clicking where it says “Edit” next to your profile. It displays all your current preferences, so you can edit or delete them as you wish.

Changing profile on the eharmony

Follow these steps to change your profile on the eharmony website: 1. Go to the eharmony homepage, 2. Login to your account, 3. click on “Account Settings” at the bottom of your screen and choose “Profile”. 4. Once there you can update your photos, fill in optional information and change the email address you use to sign in with.

The black star mean on eharmony

Black Star is the name of eHarmony’s “Favorites” tab. This tab allows you to view all the profiles you have starred as favorites, who has starred you as a favorite, tell others how much you like them and chat with them.

115 a good eHarmony score

115 a good eHarmony score

Yes, as long as it’s above 100. A score of 115 is a really good score on eHarmony but there are people with a score above 140 who are still searching for that special someone.

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Great place for real connections

eHarmony is a great place to make real connections with singles. Our members are here because they want to find a long-term, meaningful relationship. We work hard to ensure our site is safe, honest and spam-free.

Amazing track record

over an amazing 50 million singles have started new relationships on eHarmony since 2001.

Reseting eHarmony profile

To reset your eHarmony profile, please follow these steps:1. Log in to your eHarmony account.2. Navigate to My Profile and click the “View my profile” link at the top of the page.3. Click the “Reset” link under “My Profile” then click “Generate New Password & Security Question” button

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Gays use eHarmony

 it is an LGBTQ-friendly site. Singles can set their preferences to match specifically with individuals who identify as gay, lesibian, bisexual or transgender.

Tinder or eHarmony

eHarmony is a more established dating site and app than Tinder, while Tinder has the younger, wider user base. So if you’re looking for a more serious relationship or have specific characteristics in mind when it comes to a partner, we recommend signing up for eHarmony. If you’re just looking to date casually and meet new people — whether you’re single or widowed — then consider creating a profile on Tinder.

The average age on eHarmony

The average age on eHarmony is 36. The most popular age range is 25-35.

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