On Bumble, you cannot alter your photo?

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There is a problem with Bumble and some users can’t seem to change their profile photos. Are you part of that group? Well, I have some suggestions on what you can do to fix the photo change problem on Bumble.

How to Edit Bumble Profile? Change Profile Photo, Bio, Name Settings

On Bumble, you cannot alter your photo?

  • While Bumble profile images are not flexible, there is a workaround. Follow these steps to alter your profile photo on the Bumble app:
  • 1. Open your profile first.
  • 2. Select “Edit Profile.”
  • 3. Move any of your photographs to the top spot in the preview of your profile. Now everybody will view this image first!

People Also Asked:

Bumble won’t accept my profile picture

Our team reviews all profile pictures that a user uploads to make sure it’s safe, tasteful and relevant to Bumble. Unfortunately, we can’t accept any profile pictures that don’t meet these criteria.

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Adding or deleting photos on Bumble

To add or remove a photo from your Bumble profile, click on “Edit Profile.” If you are using a mobile device, it will appear in the top right. If you are using a desktop or tablet, you’ll find it under the “Edit Profile” bar along the right side of the screen.

Bumble keeps changing my main picture

Bumble’s algorithm automatically flips your photos to generate the most right swipes. To increase your chances of matching, you should change to a new photo each time you re-activate or use our “manual flip” function.

The Bumble app not working

The Bumble app not working

If you are having trouble using the app, please check your internet connection and try again. If you still have problems, please update the Bumble app to ensure compatibility with your device.

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Number of pictures you can have on Bumble profile

You can add up to six photos to your Bumble profile.

Bumble is forcing me to verify myself 

Bumble is forcing you to verify yourself because we want to create a safe and respectful community. As part of our Verified Relationship feature, both people in a conversation must verify themselves as age 18 or over before chatting within Bumble. This will help give you an idea of who’s messaging you and whether they seem like a good fit for you, so please take the time to click through each profile and verify them if they aren’t already verified for you!

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If you don’t verify Bumble

If you don’t verify Bumble, you’ll still have a profile on the app. However, your post-verification experience will be much better; for instance: You’ll be able to see who likes you before you swipe also, if someone swipes yes on you and vice versa then no, we’ll notify you because we know you both like each other!

Bumble asks for selfies

Bumble asks for selfies because we know people are most likely to engage with someone when they look like their pictures. In other words, if a potential match looks like they do in their profile photos, they’re more likely to swipe right.

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