Is there Walmart in NYC?

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No,You can not locate any Walmart at New York city. But, there is a Walmart just 20 minutes from New York City on Long Island. There are at least about 800 stores across the country for you to shop at.

Why There Is No Walmart In New York City

Is there Walmart in NYC?

  • No, there is no Walmart in NYC.
  • Because NYC is not a flat place with less customers, it will result in great loss for the company if they don’t serve those areas.

US city that has no Walmart

The largest city in the United States without a Walmart is New York City. The last Walmart in New York City was opened in 2005 and closed just 2 years later.

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The equivalent of Walmart in New York

The equivalent of Walmart in New York is Macy’s. Macy’s has an extensive selection of clothing, shoes and jewelry at very reasonable prices. There are also several locations near Central Park, which allows shoppers to meet for lunch after shopping.

States that have no Walmart

There is no Walmart in states like Alaska, Hawaii and Montana. Those are the only three out of the 50 states in America that have no Walmart stores.

Brooklyn New York having a Walmart

Brooklyn New York having a Walmart

Brooklyn New York has a Walmart. The closest Walmart to Brooklyn NY is located at 38-10 Broadway E, East Flatbush, NY 11203. Map out your next trip with directions and information about the store’s address and nearby services.

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Walmart coming to the Bronx

Walmart may be coming to the Bronx in 2022. The construction of a new store is underway near the City College of New York (CUNY). Mayor de Blasio’s administration has been pushing for a Walmart addition to help bring more jobs and resources to under-resourced communities.

When did Walmart come to NYC?

Walmart came to NYC in 2001 when it opened a store on 20th street in Manhattan.

New Jersey having Walmart

New Jersey having Walmart

New Jersey has Walmart. Take a look at their website to find the closest locations near you. The closest store is located at 4982 Route 3 North Edison NJ 08820-2603. The phone number of this location is (732) 363-8899

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Countries that does not have a Walmart

No matter where you are in the world, you will find a Walmart nearby. We have stores in more than 3,600 locations in 28 countries around the world.

Does Philadelphia have a Walmart?

No, Philadelphia does not have a Walmart. But it has plenty of grocery stores, including Whole Foods and ShopRite!

Why is Walmart banned in San Francisco?

Interesting. Walmart is banned in San Francisco, but not due to their business practices and labor issues. Rather, they are not allowed because their big-box structure doesn’t quite fit the established neighborhood retail corridors in this city


Why There Is No Walmart In New York City

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