Is there any way to increase the number of matches on Bumble?

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I just downloaded Bumble yesterday and I’m very happy I did. I think it’s a real shame that more women don’t use it. In fact, the only issue I have with the app is that there are not enough guys on it. Is there any way to increase the number of matches or something?

Honest Review: Bumble Like A Boss

Is there any way to increase the number of matches on Bumble?

  • To help you get more matches, Bumble has added profile badges.
  • With a badge, you can immediately respond to all of these inquiries and provide your matches with an effortless way to introduce themselves.
  • Badges also allow you to respond to people who message based on their interests, making it easier for both parties to connect in a way that feels natural.

People Also Asked:

Bumble is not hard for Guys

Bumble is definitely not hard for guys. It’s more about what you have to offer and the way that you present yourself as much as anything else.

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A guy getting more matches

The best way for a guy to get more matches is by wearing a profile picture that stands out and speaks to your personality. We’ve found that our male customers have had the most success using a shirtless photo, followed by one of their dog.

Not getting any swipes on Bumble

If you’re not getting any matches at all on Bumble, it could be for a few reasons. Maybe you’re not being as clear about what you’re hoping to find in your matches as you should be (or maybe because you’re sending really lame messages). Or maybe no one around you uses Bumble.

Bumble amazing feature for girls

Bumble amazing feature for girls

Bumble is good for girls because it allows you to make the first move when contacting another user. This way, there is no guessing about their interest and you don’t have to worry about being used for your looks. It’s a great way to fight back against “negging” or other similar tactics that guys use to try and get dates

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Men prefer Tinder to Bumble

Men prefer Tinder over Bumble. Bumble is more popular with women than with men, while Tinder is just about evenly split between the sexes.

Resetting Bumble algorithm

To reset your Bumble Algorithm: Go to My Bumble and click on the gear icon in the top right. Then, click ‘More Settings’. Once you’re in More Settings, click on the ‘Privacy’ tab and scroll down until you see “Reset your Algorithm”. Click the blue button and then tap Yes to confirm resetting your algorithm.

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Swipes to have per day on Bumble

You get five swipes a day to dole out to people you like. That is, if you want to keep in touch with the ladies on Bumble. If it’s been a while since your last swipe, you can refresh by opening the Bumble app and tapping on Refresh Happn.

Bumble more than a hookup app

Bumble is not just a hookup app! Bumble has rapidly grown to become one of the most popular social apps across all demographics. It is designed to strike up real conversations, and allow women to have a safe space to make the first move.

Extending on Bumble

Extending a match means you need more time to connect or ask questions before moving forward. It’s definitely not using your match as a bargaining chip for dates.

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