Is Mercari better than eBay?

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Mercari is a Japanese free app that matches those looking to buy, with those who want to sell. I know you might be thinking, “Isn’t that what eBay does?”, and in some ways you’re right but Mercari has some pretty cool features going for it as well. That’s why I decided to write this post to find out if Mercari is better than eBay.

Mercari Vs Ebay – Which One Should I Sell On? Pros and Cons

Is Mercari better than eBay?

  • No, Mercari isn’t necessarily better than eBay.
  • It is a great way to sell your stuff if you are new or just want something simple.
  • If you are an expert eBay seller and have been using their platform for years, consider marketing to a global market and reducing shipping costs by choosing eBay as your preferred e-commerce website for selling.
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People Also Asked:

Mercari is a Trusted marketplace

Mercari is one of the most trusted online marketplaces in Japan and is one of the highest-ranking websites for buying and selling.

The selling fee on Mercari

The selling fee for sellers is 10 percent of the selling price. But, if the price of an item is over 10,000 yen, you will receive one million point (1 Million points = 1 point).

Worth to sell on Mercari

Selling on Mercari is a great place to sell your unwanted items and find deals on cool things. We have a wide selection, from clothes and shoes to phones, tech gear, and more. Get paid fast, and ship for free!

Paying taxes on Mercari sales

Paying taxes on Mercari sales

As a Mercari seller, you do not need to worry about paying sales tax. Sales tax is calculated and remitted by Mercari on your behalf.

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eBay’s biggest competitor

eBay’s biggest competitor is Mercari. Mercari, previously known as Tokyo Flash, is an online marketplace for buying and selling used fashion items. The company was founded by Japanese entrepreneur Jun Masuda (CEO), with its headquarters in Tokyo, Japan.

The safest place to sell online

For the safest place to sell online, you can’t go wrong with eBay and Mercari. Both sites have strong buyer protection for users, as well as a large user base of shoppers looking for deals online.

eBay revenue model

eBay’s revenue model is simple: 12.9% of the sale price or lower, plus $0.30 per order. There are no listing fees to list your items for sale, no hidden charges and no hidden fees!

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Mercari is different from eBay

Mercari is different from eBay in that sellers have much more control over their listings, such as longer listings, a variety of photos and videos, as well as being able to add their own unique descriptions. Also, the commission fee is based on the sales price instead of its fixed fees like eBay.

Avoiding eBay fees

Making offers to buy or sell on eBay can help you avoid fees, but consider the possibility of item not being delivered as well as having your account suspended. 

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