Is it possible to reactivate Zoosk account?

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Is it possible to reactivate Zoosk account? Well, this is your lucky day. All you have to do is follow the step by step guide below and get to know how can try to reactivate your Zoosk account.

How to Reset Zoosk Account Password?

Is it possible to reactivate Zoosk account?

  • Yes, Any user that wishes to reactivate their Zoosk account can simply enter in with their email address and password.
  • They will also have to go through a verification process, which involves filling out a short form.
  • Once the account is reactivated, you will not be eligible for any subscriptions or other advantages you had when your account was deactivated.

People Also Asked:

Deactivating Zoosk isnt the same as deleting account

Deactivation is the process of turning off your profile and disconnecting from Zoosk. This means that it will no longer show up in search results and on the app, but it won’t completely remove your data, such as messages and photos. To completely delete your Zoosk account, you’ll need to contact Zoosk customer service with a request for deletion

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Resubscribe to Zoosk

You can easily resubscribe to Zoosk by signing in to your account, then selecting “Billing” from the drop down menu. You’ll see a list of your subscriptions and when they expire, as well as a link to resubscribe. If you don’t want to resubscribe at this time, deselect the box next to that subscription’s name.

When cancelling a Zoosk subscription

If you cancel your Zoosk subscription, you will lose access to some features. This includes the ability to send messages and see messages from other daters. Other features, including contacts and saved searches, are saved even when you cancel your subscription.

Can not log into Zoosk account

Can not log into Zoosk account

Zoosk may have a technical issue, or you may have forgotten your password. If you have trouble logging in, please click on “Forgot Password” in the Login screen to reset your password. If you are still unable to access your account after this, please contact Zoosk Support Team at for assistance

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Zoosk monthly membership fee

Zoosk membership is only $29.95 a month and lets you enjoy all the benefits of a premium dating site.

Hard to cancel Zoosk subscription

The process of cancelling your subscription is super simple. To cancel your subscription, go to the Me > Account > Billing section of the app. You will see a cancel button. Press it and you will receive a receipt saying that your subscription has been cancelled immediately and you can also confirm it on your email account as well.

Zoosk or eHarmony

eHarmony and Zoosk are both dating sites that offer users a chance to meet other singles. Both sites offer features such as messaging, browsing profiles, and live chats. However, eHarmony is known for providing unique matching tools intended to help singles find their soulmate while Zoosk offers features like speed dating and instant dating.

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Someone keeps viewing you on Zoosk

When someone keeps viewing you on Zoosk, then you know they are interested in contacting you. Although lookism and appearance can influence that decision, it is more so the way you have presented yourself with your photos and personality.

No stress with Zoosk

Zoosk is known to be one of the best online dating apps out there. With millions of active users and a massive pool of members from all around the world, this app will bring you an affordable experience with none of the stress that comes from searching through profiles and swiping left or right.

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