Is it possible to find out if someone turned off Life360?

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Life360 is the perfect app to find lost phones, get alerts about your kids and even stay up to date with your closest family and friends. But what if you want to know if someone has turned off their location sharing?

How do you know if someone turned off their location?

Is it possible to find out if someone turned off Life360?

  • Yes, you can find out if someone turned Life 360 off.
  • If they have location sharing paused, you will see a notification on their profile saying “Location Sharing Paused,”.
  • Therefore, the map will show their most recent location.

People Also Asked:

Knowing if someone stopped their Life360

There are two ways to tell if someone has stopped sharing their location on Life 360: On the mobile app, look for ‘Location Sharing Paused’ beneath their beacon. Then take a look at the map to see their most recent location.

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Someone’s location not updating on Life360

Your friends’ location status may not update depending on the reason they are not on the map. If a friend is currently offline, they will not appear on the map. If the app has trouble tracking their location, you may see a challenge or question mark instead of their name and location

Orange circle on Life360

A crime happening in an area is reported by a victim or the crime is caught on camera. We show the orange circle to alert the population of a place where a recent crime has taken place, so you can be prepared for whatever comes your way.

Life360 doesn't show location

Life360 doesn’t show location

On occasion, a user’s location might not be available on the map. This could be because your device was connected to a blocked Wi-Fi or mobile network that does not provide location coordinates, or simply because it’s in airplane mode.

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Airplane mode Turns off Life360

Airplane mode does not turn off Life360. However, your phone is no longer sending or receiving data and GPS signals are disabled. This means the app won’t be able to send you notifications (messages and alerts) if you go offline.

The purple dot on Life360

The purple dot means your phone has connected to Life360’s servers. When your phone connects to the servers, they report where your phone is located and send the information to other people on your account that are sharing location with you.

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Little GREY dots on Life360

The little grey dots on the map are the “offenders”. These are people that have been reported to Life360 by their family, friends and neighbors.

The black dots on Life360

The three dots on your Life360 map are showing you your current speed and direction.

Being in Two Life360 circles

You can be in multiple Life360 circles, and share information with each circle. To add a new circle, tap the “+” icon in the top right corner, or swipe left on a conversation thread and select “Add to Circle”.

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