Is Hinge more serious than Tinder?

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Hinge. The app which purports to be the place for making “real connections”. This in contrast to the shallow flings you can find on Tinder (I’m not judging, I just haven’t had a lot of success with it). So is Hinge more serious than Tinder? It turns out that it is…and there’s research to back that up.

Reasons You Aren’t Getting Matches On Hinge (For Guys and Girls)

Is Hinge more serious than Tinder?

  • Hinge focuses on the people around you rather than what you find interesting.
  • It aims to create a better way to meet your partner by connecting people with mutual friends and interests.
  • It is more serious than Tinder because of its approach, it is an app which matches people based on multiple factors, in order to establish long term relationships.

People Also Asked:

Hinge is for relationships 

Hinge is for relationships and Hinge users (both singles and couples) prefer the app for dating. Hookups are not allowed on Hinge, so if that’s what you’re looking for then you should use Tinder.

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Hinge more serious than Tinder

Hinge is more serious than Tinder, because it is built around the concept of building meaningful relationships. The app’s “unlimited” messaging feature offers a more relaxed way to connect with users.

Hinge isn’t based on attractiveness

Hinge isn’t based on attractiveness. People aren’t automatically matched with their most attractive matches first. Matching is based on a more sophisticated algorithm that takes into account people’s interestingness, job and education information, relationship history, and how often they respond to messages from other users.”

Bumble or Hinge

Bumble or Hinge

If you’re looking for a quick way to find a date, Bumble is a good bet. But if it’s a long-term relationship you seek, so is Hinge. Both have many things in common: both match singles’, both require background checks on all users, and both have apps available on iOS and Android. However, Bumble has limited features while Hinge offers many more features (like viewing mutual friends).

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Getting likes on Hinge

The main reason you aren’t getting any likes on Hinge is because you haven’t been matched with anyone yet. When you get a match, it’s safe to assume that the two of you were highly compatible since both of you swiped yes on each other.

Hinge unique algorithm

Hinge’s unique algorithm gives you more control over who you see and receive likes from than any other dating app. With Hinge, you can choose whether to receive likes from their network or solely from your Facebook friends. Just like any good friend would do, there are times when they think it’s better to keep someone away from you, so they help you avoid that person or maybe he is just not what’s meant for you.

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Special thing about Hinge

Hinge is a whole new way to date. It’s based on your real-life connections – friends of friends, who are single and looking to meet people in their community. With Hinge, you can get out of the swiping apps and find more meaningful connections with people you already know.

Importance of Likes on Hinge

Likes on Hinge are not just a reflection of your looks or overall appeal. It’s also a reflection of the rest of your profile—your photos, bios, and interests.

Getting better matches

In order to get better matches on Hinge, you should focus on building up some initial rapport with your match. Start by sending a simple question or comment to break the ice.

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