Is Bumble Travel Mode free?

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  • Unfortunately, No.
  • In order to use Bumble Travel Mode, you should purchase Bumble Premium.
  • Currently, this feature is only available on mobile devices and not the web app.

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People Also Asked:

Is Bumble Travel Mode free?

No, Bumble Travel Mode is only available for Bumble Premium users, who pay for a subscription service that includes advanced features and benefits.

Bumble Travel Mode cost?

Bumble Travel Mode is available to Bumble premium subscribers at $19.99 for one week or $39.99 for one month.

why use Travel Mode on Bumble?

Most of us want to travel, but don’t always find the time. With Travel Mode on Bumble, you can connect with locals and create a more meaningful experience with other travelers in your next destination.

Bumble Travel mode disappeared?

Bumble Travel mode disappeared?

Your subscription has expired and you’ve been automatically switched to Bumble Classic. To keep your travel mode active, subscribe or purchase a one-time pass from Bumble.

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Bumble Travel mode after 7 days rule?

In Bumble Travel mode you can only change your city of residence every 7 days, even if you move sooner to a new destination. 

Is Travel mode automatic on Bumble?

Yes, Travel mode is automatically activated in iOS Bumble app if you are a premium user.

What is the point of Travel mode on Bumble?

What is the point of Travel mode on Bumble?

Sometimes you might find someone you like, but he or she lives in a different city. With the Bumble Travel mode, you can start chatting with a potential match while you are in transit to your destination.

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Does Bumble Travel mode cost money?

Yes, it’s a part of Bumble paid subscriptions.

How do I use Travel mode on Bumble without paying?

you can use Bumble Travel mode During Bumble’s 7-day free trial when you have access to all premium features for free.

Does Bumble show when you're using Travel mode?

Does Bumble show when you’re using Travel mode?

Yes, When you are using Travel Mode, your status will change to Travel mode. This means anyone who is checking your profile will be able to tell that you are on your travel.

What does using Travel mode mean?

Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, setting up your profile in travel mode will allow you to find dates while on the road. 

How long can you use Travel mode on Bumble?

You can turn Travel Mode on and off at any time from our app, or from your device. It will be turned on for 7 days, but you can easily extend it if you’re enjoying your visit.

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Why can’t I use Travel mode on Bumble?

Because you don’t have Bumble Premium, you’re only able to use our standard mode. On top of the great features like unlimited swipes, Super Likes, and a Ranked Match feature, with Bumble Premium you can use Travel Mode and get out of town without missing a beat.

How do I turn off Travel mode on Bumble?

After you’re done with your trip, go to settings and turn travel mode off from there.

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