Is Amazon Alexa down?

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Is Amazon Alexa down? What’s the issue? Was it just a temporary outage or something more serious with the service? We have the latest on what is causing Alexa to be down and if there are any potential workarounds you can use to get up and running again.

Is your Amazon Echo or Alexa down today? 

Is Amazon Alexa down?

  • If you’re experiencing difficulty using your Amazon Echo or other Alexa-enabled device and see this message, we recommend checking to make sure a Wi-Fi connection is available.
  • Alexa operates in the cloud, so there may be a problem with your connection or connectivity with Amazon servers.
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People Also Asked:

Alexa is having trouble right now

Sorry if you’re having trouble with Alexa right now. We’re aware of this issue and working quickly to address it.

Amazon Alexa being shut down

Amazon Alexa is not shutting down. No plans to shut down, or anything like that. Amazon has been very clear on that.

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Alexa will still work in 2023

You can keep Alexa around for years to come. Amazon ensures your voice assistant will continue to operate and respond as expected.

Alexa is the same as Echo dot

Alexa is the same as Echo dot

Alexa and Echo Dot are the same. Alexa is a cloud-based voice service that provides information and answers questions. While you can use Alexa without an Amazon Echo device, we recommend using it with an Amazon Echo device, because it offers more features for listening to training recordings, setting alarms, timers and reminders, and more. Some features may not work when using a non-Amazon echo device.

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People still use Alexa

According to, over 100 million people use the Amazon ALEXA voice assistant

Google voice assistant is smarter than Alexa

Google’s voice assistant is smarter than Alexa because it has access to Google’s search engine and the knowledge and understanding of what a user wants.

Inventors of Alexa

The team that invented Alexa includes Rohit Prasad, along with Tony Reid.

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