Is a selfie ok for Hinge?

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We’ve all seen the question: “Is a selfie ok for Tinder?”. Well, how about Hinge? Is it worth taking your own photo or should you use the one from your Facebook instead? I’ve decided to find out.

New Hinge Dating Statistics – What Photos Get The Most Matches?

Is a selfie ok for Hinge?

  • If you’ve got a great smile and want something that’ll show it off, a selfie might be the way to go.
  • Take your photo in front of a nice background (or maybe even crop out the background after you upload) and make sure your lighting is well-balanced.
  • Then pick out some fun filters that really showcase your personality so potential matches can get an idea of who you really are.

People Also Asked:

Selfie on Hinge

If you want to post selfies on Hinge, no worries, go ahead. But be sure to add a funny or interesting story about what you’re doing or who you’re with. Or use a filter that makes your face look less like your face, so it’s less about “look at me” and more about “look at this place I’m in.”

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The number of pics for Hinge

The number of pics you need on your Hinge profile depends on your match percentage. A full-body pic in which you can see your face is recommended, but profiles with a combination of headshots and full-body shots perform best, so try to have 2 or 3 different options to represent yourself: a full-body shot, close-up of your face, and one that shows you in an interesting location.

Kind of photos to use for Hinge

From headshots to selfies, use the photos you’re most comfortable with when creating your profile on Hinge. Your profile photo should be square shaped and cropped right up to your face, so that it will look really sharp on both desktop and mobile screens. Bright backgrounds tend to work best, so choose a photo taken outside in direct sunlight or a studio setting with bright lights.

Hinge a different dating experience

Hinge a different dating experience

Hinge is a completely different dating experience. Say goodbye to endless swiping, and hello to meaningful connections. All you have to do is answer questions about yourself, see people who are most similar, and chat with them one-on-one

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Using Hinge without social media

The core of the Hinge experience is our algorithm that takes care of all the work for you. You can use it without any of your social media accounts or Facebook, but you’ll be missing out on a lot of the cool features, like seeing someone’s mutual friends, interests they have in common and more.

Find the right partner on Hinge

Hinge is a dating app specifically designed to help you find the right partner. We do this by combining social and interests into one cohesive experience, giving you all the information you need in one place to find your perfect match.

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Hinge shows your profile to everyone

Hinge does not allow anyone to see your profile unless they’ve liked you back. Only people who have liked you can view your profile. And if someone isn’t interested in meeting you, they can simply pass on seeing the profile.

Age appropriate for Hinge

Hinge is for anyone looking to meet new people and build a meaningful connection, whether you’re 18 or 80.

Go on Hinge anonymously

Yes, Hinge lets you go completely anonymous on the app. You can even hide your profile from being searchable and from appearing in the “popular” section.

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