How will Hinge differentiate itself from Facebook’s dating app?

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Hinge has just launched, and it’s a new concept in the world of dating apps. In this post, I discuss how Hinge plans to differentiate itself from Facebook’s own dating app which has launched late.

Facebook Dating App X Hinge

How will Hinge differentiate itself from Facebook’s dating app?

  • Hinge was in collaboration with Facebook at the beginning, but this is no longer the case because Facebook has launched its own dating app.
  • Hinge will focus on people you are most likely to be matched with, rather than those you already know.
  • Unlike Facebook’s dating app which integrates with your existing network, Hinge is a standalone app where you connect through mutual friends rather than your social graph.

People Also Asked:

Hinge differs from other dating apps

While many dating apps focus on showing you a new potential love interest every day, Hinge is different. With an emphasis on meaning and compatibility, we match users with friends of friends instead of total strangers. We show each user a handful of matches per day and we have a more serious tone in our communication than other dating apps.

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Hinge isn’t the same as Facebook dating

Hinge is not the same as Facebook dating. You can still connect with friends and family on your Facebook profile, but Hinge is a standalone social application with a matchmaking algorithm that connects people in your real world. 

Hinge works through Facebook

Hinge is a dating app through Facebook, which means you can connect with people who are already your friends in real life as well as people who share mutual friends with you. Unlike other dating apps like Tinder and Bumble, Hinge gives users the ability to see people’s profiles before they like them back.

Hinge is different from Tinder

Hinge is different from Tinder

Hinge is different from Tinder in that we focus on building a meaningful relationship through mutual connections and interests. Hinge pairs you with people who have friends in common, a similar lifestyle, or are part of the same community.

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Hinge is so much better than other dating apps

Hinge is the best way to meet people because our matchmaking algorithm runs in the background, helping you discover better matches. We also eliminate the fake profiles and catfishing that plague other dating apps by limiting our users to friends of Facebook friends. To date, Hinge has paired over 4 million couples! 

Important indicators on Hinge

Hinge asks you to select your interests and hobbies and to add a few words about yourself, so this is an indication that you’re using the app. You’ll also see a description of what your mutual friends have said about you, which is another indicator.

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The Number of matches the average person get on Hinge

It’s tough to say the exact number of matches most people get on Hinge, but according to our data, you should be seeing at least one match a day.

Hinge connects to social media

With Hinge, you can link your social media accounts and sync your online dating profile with Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn so they’re available to view on your profile.

Facebook Dating app

 It isnt technically an app but instead its a feature on facebook that lets you see people that are interested in the same thing as you. they can be friends but have requested to see if they would like to date each other.

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