How to verify a Telegram account?

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  • You can not verify a Telegram account.
  • Telegram verification is only available for channels, bots, and a small number of groups.
  • Each of them must have verified accounts on at least two of these services: TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.

How To Get Verified On Telegram

People Also Asked:

How do I get my Telegram account verified?

Telegram does not verify users’ accounts.

How do you know if a Telegram account is real?

You know if a Telegram account is real when you are able to send and receive messages from it. A lot of people use email addresses instead of Telegram usernames, so make sure that the email address matches your friend’s message. 

How do I change my age on Telegram?

You can change your Telegram account’s age at any time by changing the date of birth when signing up or while you’re editing your profile. The procedure is different depending on how you sign up to Telegram.

Why is my Telegram account banned?

Why is my Telegram account banned?

Your Telegram account may have been banned because you were using it on a shared IP address with another user. Your account will be restored in 24-48 hours.

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How can I get Telegram ID by phone number?

You can get a Telegram ID by providing a phone number, the Telegram will create a private chat and give you a code that will be displayed on your system screen.

What is my Telegram ID?

Your Telegram ID is the username that you use to log in to Telegram. It consists of letters, numbers and symbols.

What is the age limit for Telegram?

What is the age limit for Telegram?

Telegram is for people 16 years or older.

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Does the scammers use Telegram?

Yes, scammers do use Telegram. Be very careful about who you talk to and what information you give out!

How can you tell a fake Telegram channel?

Its easy to spot a fake Telegram Channel by looking at their post history, especially the last several posts. Try to avoid adding channels that have been inactive for a while and instead look for one that has a steady stream of updates

Is Telegram used for dating?

You can use Telegram for dating like other social applications, but it’s not recommended! You can send your date photos or discuss your personal information.

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How many accounts can you have with Telegram?

With Telegram, you can create as many accounts for yourself as you want. For each account, you need an individual phone number (or a mobile phone number registered under your name).

How much will Telegram cost?

Telegram is completely free to use and we do not plan on changing this.

How many bots are there in Telegram?

There are more than a thousand bots available in Telegram. These bots include games, news and media, productivity, social networking apps and many more


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