How to use Klarna at Walmart in-store?

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You can now use your klarna credit in Walmart stores through a new partnership between these two. But how does this work? And how can you use it in store? Let’s find out in this article.

How to Use Klarna  | Klarna | Online and In-Store

How to use Klarna at Walmart in-store?

  • Sign up with klarna.
  • Click on the ‘Checkout’ button on your basket
  •  Choose Klarna as a payment method 
  • Tap on ‘Start Checkout’. 
  • Follow the on-screen prompts to enter your shipping and billing address details.
  • Klarna will ask for a valid U.S. credit card

Using Klarna in-store for Walmart

You can use Klarna in-store for Walmart. Simply select Klarna for more payment options at checkout and enter your billing and delivery address details as well as create an account to complete the order.

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Using Afterpay at Walmart in-store

you can use Afterpay at Walmart in-store. Just head to the checkout, select Afterpay as your payment method and enter your details. When you’re done shopping go to the Afterpay website and make the payment associated with your purchase.

Buy now pay later that Walmart take

Walmart’s buy now pay later program allows you to make purchases without paying the full amount up front. You can spread out your payments over time, which helps you avoid large upfront costs.

Adding Afterpay to Walmart payment

Adding Afterpay to Walmart payment

To add Afterpay to Walmart payment, simply sign in to with your existing Walmart login details and place your order as normal. At checkout you will be given the option to use your saved card details, or add Afterpay as a new payment method.

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Buying gift cards at Walmart with Klarna

you can buy a gift card at Walmart with Klarna. As long as your account and gift card are both in one currency, gift cards are available for the same countries that we offer our payment options.

Forms of payment that Walmart accept

Walmart accepts all of the following forms of payment: cash, check, major credit cards, debit cards, money orders and electronic checks.

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Credit score that you need for Walmart Affirm

The credit score needed for Walmart Affirm varies. The company looks at customers who receive high scores from the three main credit bureaus and those who have a history of on-time payments. Customer who have repeated late payments or charge offs won’t qualify.

Paying in-store at Walmart with PayPal

you can pay in-store at Walmart with PayPal. Pay with your PayPal account or other eligible payment methods to purchase products and services on the Walmart app, mobile site and online at


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