How to use Hinge app promo code?

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Hinge is a great app because you connect with people that you’ve crossed paths with at least once in real life – they are friends of your friends or work colleagues. Here is the Hinge app tutorial on how to use Hinge app promo code to get more matches, dates and fun!

How To Use Hinge

How to use the Hinge app promo code?

  • Promo codes can be found by signing in to your account and clicking on “My Account.”
  • On the right side of the page, you will see a “Discount Codes” section.
  • Here, you will see any promotional codes that you have previously used or any that don’t have an expiration date.
  • To use a promo code, simply enter it at checkout!

People Also Asked:

Hinge discount

You can get 20 percent off the Hinge app subscription plan. This discount code is valid for the 1 month plan, only. It will not work with other plans.

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Getting a free month of Hinge

Hinge offers you a free month of premium membership to help you find your match. You can also get a significant discount by using a Hinge promo code.

Paying for Hinge gives you more matches

Paying for Hinge gives you access to more matches. You’ll discover more compatible singles and increase your chances of finding love. Plus, you’ll enjoy premium features like our Smart Match algorithm that saves you time by showing you only the best matches, x-ray photo viewers, a personal answer service and more.

Hinge is better than Tinder

Hinge is better than Tinder

Hinge is a much better value. With Tinder, you pay for a monthly subscription, but only get one match per day. Hinge’s monthly paid membership is almost half the price of Tinder and gets you unlimited matches every day.

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Match on Hinge without paying

Match on Hinge for free, and stay in touch with potential matches by exchanging messages and ‘liking’ their posts. If you run into a match that you’d like to chat with again, Hinge Premium only costs $8.99 a month (or $9.99 if purchased after the first month).

Hinge is against fake profiles

Hinge does not allow fake profiles on its app. If you have reason to believe a profile is fake, please report it immediately.

Access to premium features by paying

Paying for Hinge gets you access to our premium features, including unlimited likes, an ad-free experience, and no banner ads. We know it costs a lot of time and energy to swipe through all those profiles, so we made it easier for you to get back in control of your dating life.

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Hinge Standout is an amazing feature

The Hinge Standouts feature is great because it makes your profile shine and show up to more people. With Hinge Standouts you can express who you really are in your photos, use geolocation to showcase your favorite places in your city, and share what matters most to you when it comes to food, travel, and more.

Likes on Hinge expire

Your Hinge like expires after 24 hours if the other user does not like you back. A Like takes approximately 30 seconds to appear on the other person’s profile, assuming you’re both active members of the app.

Can you like someone twice on Hinge?


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