How to use Bubbles on Life360?

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  • Bubbles is the new method of Life360 adjusting your Location Sharing for Circle members, in order to use a Bubble you need to create it first:
  • Click on your avatar
  • On your map view, select “Create a Bubble.”
  • Make your Bubble’s height and length personalized. Your Bubble is ready to use!

Life360: Brittany on Bubbles

Life360: Stan on Bubbles

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What do the bubbles mean on Life360?

There is no default setting for bubbles; it is an optional feature. When a momentary Bubble is created, all messaging and safety features are enabled, but it only shares your approximate location. Bubbles will instantly deflate if a vehicle accident or other emergency is detected.

Does Life360 tell you when someone creates a bubble?

Yes, Life360 does tell you when someone creates a bubble and will ask if you’re sure about your decision. Before the bubble is burst, the app reminds users that they will be notified about the bubble burst.

How do I turn off Life360 without my parents knowing?

You can turn off the app on your device without your parents’ knowing. Just open Life360 and go to Account, Settings and then switch Off on the “Parents” tab. You’ll also see that option on your parents’ device as well under Settings

Does Life360 know what you look up?

Does Life360 know what you look up?

We don’t know what you look up on Life360, but if you have questions we’re happy to help! Head to our Help Center:

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What do the 3 dots mean on Life360?

The 3 dots on Life360 indicate the current status of your location. The dots are green if you’re on the move, they turn yellow when you’re stationary or at home, and they’ll be red if there’s an issue with location services.

What do purple dots on Life360 mean?

The gadget connected to Life360 at specific points throughout the route to record its location, shown by the purple dots on the course.

What does the orange bubble mean on Life360?

What does the orange bubble mean on Life360?

When you see an orange bubble on Life360, it means someone has requested help or is in need of assistance. This person can be a relative, friend or neighbor.

How do you know if someone is checking your location on Life360?

To figure out if someone is checking the location on Life360, you need to go to “My Family” and press “Check Location”. A list will pop up with everyone else who is currently online and what their status is. 

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What does the GREY dot mean on Life360?

The grey dot on Life360 lets you know if potential sex offenders are in the area, so you can make informed decisions about your family’s safety and well-being.

How can you tell if someone is using their phone on Life360?

How can you tell if someone is using their phone on Life360?

You can tell if someone is using their phone on Life360 by looking for the icon in their profile. The green checkmark indicates that someone is using their phone, while the red exclamation point tells you they aren’t. 

What are the cons of Life360?

The biggest con of Life360 is that it can be expensive for your family. The premium version costs $49.99 per year and is only available for the iPhone, iPad and MacOS devices. It may feel like a lot of money to pay at once, but it provides you with everything you need to keep track of your family members.

How do you pause your location on Life360 without it showing?

Go to Settings > Location Services. Scroll down and select more options. Click on “Pause Location Services”, then “OK”. Your location won’t show on your profile or to others. If a friend calls or texts you while you’re paused, they will see your last known location instead of showing up as “offline”.

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Does airplane mode Turn off location?

Yes, airplane mode also turns off GPS, location and Bluetooth.

Why is Life360 toxic?

Life360 is toxic because it encourages parents to look at the location of their child without their child’s knowledge or consent. Adult monitoring of children can lead to controlling behavior and hinder the development of a healthy relationship between adults and children.

Can Life360 see your texts?

No, Life360 does not have access to your text messages. 

Why is someone’s location not updating on Life360?

Life360 uses cell phone towers to locate members and it only works if the device is connected to a cell tower. If your location isn’t updating, make sure that you are connected to a WiFi or cellular network.

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