How to use a photo that increases my chances on Hinge?

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If you’re hoping to get a date on Hinge, your profile photo will play a huge role in your chances. Most dating apps use profile photos at the forefront of their app. Women who are swiping right will be judging you by your photo, so let’s make sure that we do everything we can to increase our chances! Below are some tips to help you choose and take a killer Hinge profile photo:

New Hinge Dating Statistics – What Photos Get The Most Matches?

How to use a photo that increases my chances on Hinge?

  • Here’s how to use a photo that increases your chances on Hinge: Take a great picture, make sure it’s of you and not something else.
  • Look into the camera, not off to the side. Crop the photo so there’s room for the message above.
  • Add some mystery to your profile by keeping your information minimal. And make sure you have a catchy bio that stands out!
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People Also Asked:

Pics I need for Hinge profile

Hinge requires 6 photos for a profile. They are not required to be of you, though it’s still recommended that they all be of your face. Two full body photos are required as well as four photos from which we can make out your face.

Kind of photos to you use for Hinge

Most of our users are looking for someone to date that has similar lifestyle and interests. We find that it’s better to use photos that showcase your interests, passions, hobbies, and personality.

Looking for someone on Hinge

Hinge does not have a search function by name. However, you can use the advanced settings to search for users based on several criteria, such as location, education, work and interest in activities.

Using a selfie on Hinge

Using a selfie on Hinge

It’s totally fine to post a selfie on Hinge. If you do, please make sure it’s well lit, edited, and framed well. Also, remember to crop out any unnecessary people or things in the photo (that way they can’t be used against you later).

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Hinge works for females

Hinge works for females by helping you to meet men nearby. It only matches you with men who have also indicated that they want to date and it prioritizes those who are actually nearby.

Girls photos on Hinge

Girls can put whatever they want on Hinge. Whether it’s a picture they took with their smartphone or a selfie they took at an Instagram-worthy event, the information you share with other members is up to you.

Hinge profile looks

Your main Hinge profile should be accurate, with a clear photo of you. Don’t use a sexy shot or too much alcohol-related content. Include fun facts about yourself to pique people’s interest and leave an open-ended message like “Happy Sunday

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I get no likes on Hinge

One reason you might not be getting any likes on Hinge is that you’re only matching with people who aren’t serious about dating. Maybe they didn’t fill out their profiles or have very few face pics in their gallery, or maybe they aren’t messaging you back.

Tell more about yourself on Hinge profile

Hinge gives you two main ways to tell people more about yourself. The first is to add a fun fact to your profile, which is optional but very helpful in getting new people to message you! You can also expand on the information in your profile by answering the “Tell us about yourself” question.

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