How to use a gift card on Shein?

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I’ll make this easy for you. How to use a gift card on Shein? In the last years I’ve tried out many free gift cards. Now I’m going to review one of them with you.

Does Visa Gift Card Work On SHEIN? 

How to use a gift card on Shein?

  • Using a gift card is simple. Just open your Shein account and select the items that you want to buy.
  • Add them to your shopping bag, then go to checkout and choose a payment method.
  • Finally, provide your gift card details and pay through it.

People Also Asked:

Redeeming Shein gift card

Shein Gift Card Codes are available at our store, where you can pick up any product for us to deliver to you. To redeem your gift card, please follow the steps below: Open your Shein account. Go to checkout and choose a payment method. Select “Gift Card” as the payment option. Enter your Gift Card Code on the next page and click SUBMIT.

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Shein gift card is real

The SheIn gift card is legit, it’s a legitimate physical card that can be used at any SheIn store around the globe. You can redeem it right there in store when you reach checkout.

Using gift card and voucher

You can use a gift card and voucher to make your purchases on SheIn. You can apply your gift card/voucher at checkout.

Using more than one gift card

Using more than one gift card

If you want to use more than one gift card on SheIn, then you need to add more than one gift card from your shopping bag to the cart. To do this, click on the “Shop Now” button and then click the “Add to Cart” button again.

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Shein gift card

SheIn gift card is a pre-paid debit card. When you purchase a SheIn gift card, you can use it in-store or online at and other affiliated sites (including Sarenza, Tobi, etc).

Shopping for free

Earn free gift cards to Shein with our offerwall. We will pay you for completing offers, surveys, watching videos, and more.

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Split payments

Split payments are accepted by the merchants. You can split your payment for multiple items or single items. All you need to do is submit the starting amount and you can add more when you checkout.

Shein accepts prepaid Visa cards

Shein does accept prepaid Visa cards. However, you cannot use the card to pay for your order and it’s just a way for you to add funds to your account. Once you have added funds to your account, you can then shop using those funds.


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