How to unblock your Badoo account?

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Have you been blocked on Badoo? Are you wondering how to unblock your Badoo account so you can continue using this dating app? This article will help you and show you the steps of how to do this.

How to BLOCK Someone on Badoo!

How to unblock your Badoo account?

  • If you want to unblock your Badoo account, then first contact the Badoo support team through the provided email address or other channels.
  • They will want you to prove your identity and they will review your request.
  • If they validated your identity, they will unblock your account right away.

Getting your Badoo account back

You can’t get a Badoo account back once you’ve deleted it. If you want to reactivate your account, just log in using the same email address and password you used when deleting it. You’ll be asked to confirm your identity by sending a special code to your phone via SMS.

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Contacting Badoo team

To contact the Badoo team and provide feedback on the app, you can email them at You can also contact our Customer Support service with questions about your account and payment.

Can’t log into Badoo

If you can’t access the Badoo website, this may be because your connection is down or there’s an issue with a website. You can always try again later if you’re still unable to access it.

Badoo deleting your account

Badoo deleting your account

if you don’t make an active effort to log in regularly and use your account Badoo will delete it after a period of time. In most cases Badoo will give prior notice on the “activity” section of your profile that your account is about to be deleted.

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Messages that you can send on Badoo

You can send as many messages as you like, as long as they’re not excessive. We think you can do better and focus on quality over quantity!

Badoo’s cost in a month

You can subscribe for Badoo Gold via PayPal and credit card. Please know that subscriptions are recurring so you will be charged automatically each month. The cost of Badoo Gold depends on the plan you choose

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Changing your age on Badoo

To change your age on Badoo, you will have to log into your account. Once logged in, click on your profile picture. Next, click on “Edit personal info” and then choose “Edit date of birth.” Make sure to update this information whenever you change it!

Changing location on Badoo

To change your location on Badoo, go to your profile by clicking on your photo in the top left corner. Next, click “Edit Your Profile” and then click “Edit” under the Location section. From there, you can select a new country and save it.

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