How to unban Telegram account?

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  • Unfortunately, you are unable to unban an account that has been blocked by Telegram’s administrators.
  • You will need to use a new number and create a new profile in order to use Telegram once more; there is no way to get it unbanned.
  • However, you can contact Telegram’s customer service team with your concern and only inquire as to why you were blocked in the hopes that the restriction would be removed.

How To Unban Telegram Account In 3 Second

People Also Asked:

How can I recover my banned Telegram account?

If you have been banned from Telegram, the first thing to do is read the full information on how to appeal. You must be ready to explain why you were banned and prove that this was a misunderstanding.

Why did my Telegram account get banned?

There are a few reasons why your Telegram account might have gotten banned. It could have been because you violated a rule which we explained in our Terms of Service, or it could be that someone reported your account for reasons we can’t see.

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Which countries have banned Telegram?

Since Russia banned Telegram in April 2018, five other countries have followed suit. The other countries are: Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, and Thailand.

Why did Telegram banned my phone number?

Why did Telegram banned my phone number?

Telegram can block your phone number if it was spammed or misused. This is done in order to protect other users, and prevent abuse of the messaging services.

How can I make Telegram without phone number?

It is impossible to create Telegram account without phone number

How can I email Telegram?

You can email Telegram support at

What happens when you report a Telegram group?

What happens when you report a Telegram group?

When you report a Telegram group, we may suspend or block the group. Likewise, when one of your contacts reports a group, it’ll immediately be suspended or blocked. Any other members who receive the original report will also have their access to that group revoked.

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Does the Telegram channel owner know who reported him?

No, the Telegram channel owner does not know who reported him since no details are given.

How do I report an illegal Telegram group?

To report a group, either post in the group, or find it and click on the “report” button on the right side of the group chat.

Who owns the Telegram app?

The Telegram app was invented by the Russian brothers Nikolai and Pavel Durov. They themselves created the company Digital Fortress in 2005, which controls all of the Telegram’s activities. The brothers founded Telegram in 2013 and sold it to an investment fund, DST group, in 2014.

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How can I contact Telegram directly?

You are able to contact Telegram directly by finding “Contact us” within the app. This feature was specifically developed to allow you to contact our customer service team with questions or concerns.

Can you have 2 Telegram accounts with same number?

No, you cannot have 2 Telegram accounts with the same phone number. If you are having problems with your account, try to login from another device

Can you use a fake number for Telegram?

Yes, you can use a fake Telegram number as your username, but it is not recommended as it might get you banned.

Is Telegram illegal?

Telegram is not an illegal platform. According to the Telegram CEO, “Telegram is a cloud-based encrypted messaging service and one of the most secure ones in its class,”

How To Unban Telegram Account In 3 Second

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