How to trick Life360 on Android?

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Life360, a popular Android app, tracks your real-time location. But, sometimes you might want to stay secret and don’t want to share your real location with the Life360 app. In this post, I will show you how to trick the Life360 app and share the fake or false location with which it is shown.

Wanna Trick Life360 on Android without Knowing It? 

How to trick Life360 on Android?

  • In order to trick Life360, you will require an Android smartphone and a dedicated application called the Fake GPS Location app.
  • This is an app that lets you fake the location of your phone to any location in the world (including other countries) so that it appears as though you are there when you’re actually hundreds of miles away from where your family may believe you are.

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Faking location on Android Life360

The Fake GPS Location app from the Android play store will let you set your location to anywhere. All you have to do is select the desired city, and if you have entered a fake phone number, it will pop up as well! The app also includes an auto update feature where you can keep track of your location real-time.

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Turning off Life360 without parents knowing

If you want to turn off Life360 without your parents knowing, you can simply go to the settings and turn off location sharing. If you want to turn off Life360 altogether, then you will have to turn off all phone features, such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

Hiding location on Life360 without anyone knowing Android?

Life360 offers many ways to protect your privacy, including the ability to go off grid. Ghost mode on Life360 hides your location from others and allows you to stay safe — no matter where you are or where you’re going next.

Turning on airplane mode stops Life360

Turning on airplane mode stops Life360

Turning on airplane mode stops Life360. The app is unable to access both your GPS and network connection when airplane mode is engaged.

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Telling if someone is faking their location

If you suspect someone is trying to trick you, there are a few things you can do. First of all, check their profile. Does the photos seem to represent the location? Second, search for other pictures on Google Images or Flickr and make sure they match up. Also check when the profiles were created and if they have a history.

Knowing if someone paused their location on Life360

To know if someone paused their location on Life360, simply look at their profile – the grey circle means that location is still paused.

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Someone’s location not updating on Life360

There are many reasons why someone’s location isn’t updating on Life360: Check the batteries, make sure cellular data is turned on and try to contact your friend again.

Life360 can tell if you’re in a car

Life360 uses its location technology to tell if you’re in a moving car. It does this by monitoring changes in your speed and positioning between cell towers, which are usually located at intersections or other highway locations. From there, Life360 is able to calculate how fast you’re moving and assign that speed to your vehicle.

Someone Hacking Life360

Hackers use many different tactics to find information about you, your family and friends. Life360’s secure encryption keeps you safe from hackers and gives you the added peace of mind that comes from knowing that you have an extra layer of protection from online threats.

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