How to stop Telegram from saving photos?

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  • Open the Telegram app.
  • Tap on the three horizontal lines in the upper left-hand corner of the window.
  • In the new menu, select Settings.
  • Scroll down to the Chat Settings section.
  • Slide the toggle next to Save to Gallery into the Off position.

How to Stop Telegram Saving Images to Your Phone Gallery on Android?

People Also Asked:

Telegram automatically saving pictures

Telegram automatically saves pictures and videos. If a file is deleted, it will be deleted on Telegram only.

Removing my pic from Telegram from my gallery

You can remove your pic from Telegram from your gallery. To do that, open the chat with the person you want to remove the picture from and click on this icon. Now you will see that the picture was deleted from both devices.

Telegram save images location

Telegram saves images on your phone’s storage. Telegram also saves an image copy on its servers, in case of emergency (like if your Android breaks and you reinstall it). This does not count towards your quota and disappears when you no longer need it.

I cant save pictures from Telegram?

I cant save pictures from Telegram?

If you cant save pictures from Telegram, Use third-party apps to save Telegram messages to your phone’s gallery or any other place on your device.

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 If you save picture of someone on Telegram

No one will know if you save their images. Telegram saves your photos locally and deletes them when you uninstall the app or wipe your device.

Telegram storing media on phone

No, Telegram does not store any media on phones. Media is cached in the phone’s RAM, meaning that it gets deleted as soon as you leave Telegram.

Telegram downloading media

Telegram downloading media

Yes! Telegram can download files and images. All media you receive will be stored in the cloud.

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Clear cache of Telegram

To clear your Telegram cache, open the app and tap on the menu button. Then select ‘Clear Cache’.

Iphone saving Telegram files

iPhone saves Telegram files on Cloud, which allows you to access your message history at any time and from anywhere. In the cloud, iPhone saves old messages and allows you to recover deleted messages.

Restrict saving content on Telegram

You can enable restrictions for saving content on Telegram. Personas with an administrator’s role or higher can access these settings from the recommended user settings page.

Delete media from Telegram

You can delete media from Telegram by going to your inbox and tapping on the three dots icon next to the media. This will bring up a menu where you’re able to delete it from both your phone and from all other devices where it has been sent.

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Telegram using so much Storage

The Telegram app uses a lot of storage. This is because Telegram has a huge number of messages and media stored on its disk rather than serving them from a cloud server.

Stop auto download on Telegram desktop

You can turn off auto update Telegram desktop on the settings tab. To turn it off, click the gear icon and go to Settings->Privacy and Security->Auto-update Telegram Desktop, tap on “Do not use this setting”.

Changing storage location in Telegram

to change storage location: 1. open telegram 2. in the settings menu, click general 3. select storage 4. Select the folder where you’d like to store your Telegram data

Telegeram safety

Telegram is safe. We use end-to-end encryption to protect conversations ‐ even Telegram employees can’t read what users’ communicate.

How To Stop Auto Download In Telegram Android/Ios(Turn Off Automatic Media Download Setting)

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