How to steal from Walmart?

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Have you ever wondered what product to steal from Walmart? If yes, no worries I’ve got your back. That’s right, this guide provides the best product to casually steal from Walmart and how you can do it. (Note: I’m not advocating stealing, nor recommending that you actually steal something. This is purely for entertainment purposes.)


How to steal from Walmart?

  • Don’t be afraid of trying new things, you can easily use a card reader and charger cable that is not purchased at Walmart to get data from your phone.
  • If it’s wireless just make sure it connects to the internet.
  • You can do this by going into settings and then check to see if it’s connected or look for the available networks and connect to that one.

Walmart knowing if you stole

Walmart has a variety of technology in place that can detect if you stole. From facial recognition to ring up codes, they are constantly working on better security measures.

Walmart procedure when someone steals

When someone steals from Walmart, they work hard to get it back. They do everything from checking their surveillance video, following leads and talking to witnesses. Ultimately, they arrest those who steal from them and store identification is extremely important.

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Walmart checking their cameras

Walmart does proactive surveys to check the cameras, but if Walmart’s camera is out of order, it will be fixed immediately.

Doing the self-checkout trick at Walmart

Doing the self-checkout trick at Walmart

The self-checkout trick is one way to save money when shopping at Walmart. All you have to do is find an empty self-checkout lane and place your items in the cart. After checking out, leave the full cart in the doorway of the empty lane and walk away with your receipt. The next customer will think that no one has checked out at that lane and they will probably use it themselves and get stuck paying for all of your items (assuming they are price conscious).

Walmart having a no chase policy

Walmart does have a no chase policy. If you fail to pay it will not come after you or report the debt to any Credit Bureau. The only time that it will report the debt is if you have lied on your application. As long as you tell them the truth then they wont ever come after you or report to credit bureaus.

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Walmart coming after you later for shoplifting

You can count on Walmart to let you know in a quick and efficient manner if you are suspected of shoplifting. This will enable you to resolve the issue quickly, so that it does not lead to legal issues later on.

Walmart checking their self-checkout cameras

Walmart self-checkout cameras are positioned to avoid capturing personal information and instead capture the product being purchased. They also constantly monitor the images captured by the cameras to make sure they’re working properly.

How many people steal at Walmart self-checkout?

A lot of people steal at Walmart self-checkout. There are many ways to steal from Walmart self-checkout including bagging items and not scanning them or eating food in the store and then putting it in your bag as you leave.

Walmart having face recognition

Walmart does have face recognition. However, it is not being used to track shoppers in stores. Instead, the company uses this technology in order to help prevent shoplifting in their stores.

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Walmart keeping records of shoplifters

Walmart does keep records of some shoplifters. The store keeps a record of the most frequently stolen items, which can be helpful if you know what to look out for. Some stores even hire security guards to patrol the parking lot and security cameras in the store may catch someone attempting to shoplift an item.

Walmart preventing theft at self-checkout?

Walmart has created a self-checkout system that prevents theft by asking customers to pass their purchase through the scanner again before they leave the store. This helps make sure that customers aren’t passing off stolen goods by accident or trying to hide them.

How far back do Walmart cameras go?

Walmart surveillance cameras are designed to go back as far as you need them to. Their camera models vary in recording capacity, but the standard is up to around a week of movement in the field of view.

Refusing to show your receipt at Walmart

You can refuse to show your receipt at Walmart. However, if something is missing from your receipt, then you will almost certainly be required to show the cashier the actual product.

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