How to show vaccine status on Bumble?

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  • In order to show your vaccine status on Bumble, you’ll need to first tap the More button at the top of your profile.
  • Then, tap Edit Profile and select Vaccinated from under Health & Safety.
  • Now, any potential matches that swipe right on you will see that you’re protected against the Covid-19.

Popular Dating Apps Add Vaccination Status Option To Profiles

Dating apps in U.K. introduce ‘vaccinated’ badges for user profiles

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How to add vaccinated to Bumble?

You can add vaccinated to Bumble by tapping the menu button, and then tap ‘Edit Profile.” Tap OK. Scroll down to ‘Health,’ then select ‘Vaccinated.’ Enter the vaccine you were given and when you received it.”

Bumble vaccinated badge not working?

If your Bumble badge isn’t working, it’s likely because of your phone’s location on the map. If your profile shows that you’re in an area where vaccines aren’t required for users, we will not allow you to use the Bumble dating app. You must have quick access to an update with a current vaccine record or proof of recent vaccination.

How to remove the vaccinated sticker on Tinder?

The sticker on Tinder is a way to show the user that you have been vaccinated. It is important to note that the stickers cannot be removed and users will not be able to see if they have been vaccinated or not.

How to add a sticker to Tinder?

How to add a sticker to Tinder?

To add a sticker to Tinder, you’ll need to first download the sticker pack from our Sticker Market. Then visit your mane Tinder profile and tap the +icon at the top of your screen.

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How to show you’re vaccinated on Hinge?

Hinge reminds you to update your vaccinations on the app. You can add what vaccines you’ve had in your profile settings. To edit or add more, go to ‘Your profile.’ Then tap or click on ‘Edit profile in the bottom right-hand corner. Once there, tap or click on ‘Vaccinations,’ then, once again, fill out your information to show.

How do I show my immunization status on tinder?

To show your immunization status on Tinder, tap the Settings icon on the upper right-hand side of the screen. Select Privacy and Safety > Immunization Status. Populate this section with your most recent immunization information. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click Save Changes.

How do I add a badge to Bumble?

How do I add a badge to Bumble?

Hey! Adding a badge to your Bumble app is easy. Here’s what you’ll need: Make sure you have the most up-to-date version of Bumble (it should be version 3.0). Tap on your profile icon in the top right corner, then tap your name to access “About.” Scroll down and tap “Edit details.” You can now add badges to show off that you’ve been using Bumble!

Where are Bumble badges?

Bumble badges can be found in the user profile section of the Discover tab. Select the profile picture and scroll down to the badges section. The Discover tab can be found at the bottom of your profile.

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What does the star icon mean on Bumble?

The star icon will appear on a user profile if he or she has saved your profile to their favorites. On Bumble’s messenger, this means they’re interested in you and you should send a message right away.

How do you know if someone super liked you on Bumble?

How do you know if someone super liked you on Bumble?

Bumble super likes are a special way to show someone that you like them.🎈 You’ll know someone super liked you if they see your profile and tap to select a heart. They can choose to keep their super like private, in which case only you will know they’ve liked you. Or they can reveal their super like, in which case it will be shown on your profile and they’ll be notified when you’ve matched with each other!

What is the Verified symbol on Bumble?

The green shield icon next to a match’s photo indicates that the match is Verified Bumble (VB), which means they’ve provided Bumble with proof of identifying information and are using their real name on the platform. We encourage women who choose to meet VB matches in person to consider bringing at least one other person with you for safety. While any user of Bumble can be matched with another user, some features are less available to those who have not provided Bumble with all the required information for verification or who have been reported for inappropriate behavior or harassment.

What do the badges mean on Bumble?

When you download and sign into Bumble, you’ll see a bunch of different badges. And now you’re probably wondering what they all mean. Here’s a breakdown. The first badge that pops up when you start using the app is the Bumble Bee, which is the profile photo of your first connection. The next set of badges is about your activity on Bumble: the chat badge shows how many chats you’ve started (not necessarily with matches). The profile badges are there to celebrate events — whether you’ve matched or double-clicked with another user, whether or not someone has liked your profile… They vary depending on which platform you’re on!

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What happens when you SuperSwipe Bumble?

SuperSwipe will let you show your interest before anyone swipes left or right. When you SuperSwipe someone, they’ll receive a notification and have the option to swipe right on your profile. If they don’t, no problem—you won’t see their profile again. Their choice is confidential. This new feature is designed to make it easier than ever to get results from your Bumble conversations.

What’s the blue badge on Bumble?

The blue checkmark on Bumble is used to verify that a user’s account is the actual owner of their profile. The badge will appear when you have enough matches or likes – and it looks like a checkmark in your profile photo. It also means we can verify that the account is legit if there are questions about it being fake.

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