How to share a Telegram Link?

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So, you have a Telegram channel you want people to know about. The best way to reach all of your contacts is via social networks. But if you want to reach new potential users, the old methods don’t work anymore. You need to find new audiences, contact the media and try to get some topics trending on Reddit, Twitter, or Facebook. We live in a different world now, and here are some steps for sharing your Telegram URL so that it reaches as many eyes as possible in the shortest time possible!

How to share the Telegram group link if you are not admin?

how to get your telegram profile link

How to share a Telegram Link?

To share a Telegram Link:

  • Open your Telegram application, open the Telegram channel or group, and follow the moves toward sharing a public Telegram Link.
  • Tap on the channel’s groups name
  • The connection to your channel or group shows up on the following screen in the data block. Tap on the Link.
  • Then the share menu will appear. Copy your link by tapping on the Copy option, and you can share the link with your contacts via text messages and other social media platforms.
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People also asked:

Invite people to Telegram by LINK

Invite users to Telegram by clicking on a LINK in a Telegram group or an instant messenger, which is a good way to get people to sign up for Telegram. The LINKs will direct users to Telegram and allow them to join.


Share your Telegram video link

You can share your Telegram video link (in public) by simply selecting it and clicking the share button. The share button contains any social media app you want to share the video.

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What is the URL of my Telegram?

Entering your Telegram URL into the box provided in this format:, where ‘username’ is the name of your channel or profile (make sure to include the ‘s’ in ‘HTTPS’); you will make your URL.

How can I share my Telegram on WhatsApp?

The method of sharing your Telegram on WhatsApp

Open your Telegram, and tap on the three dots in the top right corner of the Video, music, or document files. You will see a pop-up menu, select the share option. A list of all apps where you can share the video, music, and files will appear, including WhatsApp and Instagram. Tap on the WhatsApp icon.

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Invite someone to a Telegram chat

To invite someone to a Telegram chat, you need to click on their username or @ handle to send them an invite. Once the person is invited, the channel will be created, and you will be able to start streaming and/or chatting with the person you are inviting. The channel will be viewable to anyone in the channel.


Find your Telegram invitation link

You can get your link from your profile page. Log in to your profile, then click on the “Invite to join” button at the top right. You should see a link that takes you to your Telegram. Tap that link.



Can I share Telegram videos?

Can I share Telegram videos?

Yes, you can share videos on Telegram. Read our guide for more details.

How to share a Telegram channel link?

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