How to share Telegram item to WhatsApp?

To-The-Point Answer:

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  • Simply click on three dots on top of the file, music, or image you wish to share on WhatsApp.
  • You will see a menu, select the share option and a list of applications will come up.
  • Choose WhatsApp between them and tap confirm!

How to share Telegram Group Link to WhatsApp

People Also Asked:

Sharing my Telegram link

To share your Telegram link, you can give people a link where “username” is the name of your Telegram account and also the address of it.

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Forwarding Telegram file to WhatsApp

To send a Telegram file to WhatsApp: tap on the file, choose Share > Apps, then tap on WhatsApp.

Telegram ID

Your Telegram ID is the same as your username.

Telegram username

Telegram username

Telegram username is the nickname you choose for your profile on Telegram.

Visibility of my name on Telegram

Your name on Telegram is visible to whom you choose! you can choose from no one, only my contacts, and everybody.

Telegram save files

Telegram saves files on the servers. you can also choose to save them on your phone storage.

Uninstalling Telegram delete messages

Uninstalling Telegram delete messages

No, Installing Telegram doesn’t delete messages, only deleting your account will delete your messages.

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Reasons for using Telegram over WhatsApp

1. Telegram is more secure than WhatsApp, offering end-to-end encryption. 2. You and your contacts can set a self-destruct timer for your messages. 3. If you lose your phone, your chats are safe with Telegram’s cloud backup feature.

Telegram special offerings

Telegram is a messaging app with special offerings: encryption, speed, and an open-source API.

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Countries with the most Telegram users

Telegram is extremely popular in Iran with over 50 million users, followed by India with nearly 40 million users. Russia is close behind at about 38 million Telegram users.

Method of downloading Telegram

You can download the Telegram app from Google Play or App Store.

Listening to music on Telegram

If you have a song in your Telegram chat, simply click on it and it will play.

Sharing files from Telegram to WhatsApp

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