How to send video as a file on Telegram desktop?

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In this article, I will show you how to send video as a file on Telegram desktop. Telegram is a messaging app with a focus on speed and security, it’s super-fast, simple and free. It’s secure so your messages can’t be intercepted. Now let’s see what we need to make it work.

How to send video file from Desktop to Telegram

How to send a video as a file on Telegram desktop?

  • To send video as a file on Telegram desktop, choose the files you want to distribute and open them.
  • There are two choices in the pop-up: Send quickly and Send without compression.
  • Choose to send video without compression.

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Send mp4 file in Telegram desktop

If you want to send mp4 file in Telegram desktop, there are a few ways to do it. You can drag the file into the message box to attach it, or use the “Send File” feature instead.

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Send video files on Telegram

Yes, you can send video files on Telegram. The app supports video and audio (in .mp4 or .ogg format) files up to 1 GB each. For security reasons, links to certain file types are blocked (including .exe, .msi, .zip and archives of those types).

Upload file on Telegram desktop

To upload a file to Telegram desktop, click the paperclip icon next to the text input field. A popup window will appear and you can click Choose File to select your file. The file will be uploaded immediately after you click on the UPLOAD button in the popup window.

Send a camera video on Telegram

Send a camera video on Telegram

To send a video on Telegram, create a chat and click on the + sign. Choose a contact to send it to, select the type of media you’d like to send, then click the camera icon and capture your video.

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Send a video without compression Telegram

To send videos without compression via Telegram, click on the video that you want to send. In the sending options, choose ‘Without compression’.

Video not sending on Telegram

If the video you’re sending is not being received by the recipient, it may be because the file format or size is too large. Telegram can’t receive videos that are more than 2GB in size.

Send large video through Telegram

Send large video through Telegram

You can send large video through Telegram in a rar or zip format.

The video size limit for Telegram

The video size limit for Telegram is 2 GB.

Send video bigger than 2GB in Telegram

To send any video bigger than 2GB, you need to download it to your PC and upload it to Telegram in parts. To expedite the process and save disk space, we recommend converting videos into .zip files beforehand. If you do not know how to do this, please check out our detailed guide on sending large files in this app.

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Telegram supports mp4

Yes. Telegram is capable of displaying media files and photos, including mp4.

Telegram videos are saved in PC

The Telegram desktop folder is located in your downloads directory which is usually the same folder where you have installed Telegram.

Video files that Telegram support

Telegram supports all major video formats, including H. 264 and MPEG-4.

Send a high-quality video

To send a high quality video, choose to Send without compression. You can also use this option to upload longer videos.

Can’t download videos on Telegram

If you are unable to download any videos on Telegram, please check your internet connection and make sure it’s fast enough for video streaming.

Transfer Files from PC to Mobile on Telegram using Saved Messages feature.

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