How to send disappearing photos on Telegram?

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Telegram has now become one of the best ways to send disappearing photos. The uniqueness that Telegram offers is that you can send the picture to someone and it will get deleted automatically from both the phones.

How to send self destructing photos and videos on Telegram

How to send disappearing photos on Telegram?

  • Open a Telegram chat with the recipient.
  • Open the photo you want to share and tap on the paper airplane icon in the top right corner.
  • From there, choose the option “Send with timer.” Choose a specific time and hit send.
  • The photo will automatically delete at that specific time on your and the recipient’s device.

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Sending a self-destruct message

In order to self-destruct messages, you must turn on the Secret Chat option in your Telegram Account Settings. Then every time you send a message from that device, it gets an expiration date after which it will be deleted from both your and your friend’s device. Your end-to-end communication remains secure and invisible to malicious third parties like hackers or eavesdroppers.

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Sending Disappearing photos on Telegram

If you choose to send a photo with the option “Send with timer,” your photo will be sent automatically at the time you specified. The recipient and yourself will have no way of saving or sharing the photo, and it will be deleted at that specific time.

Delete Telegram messages for both sides

When you’re trying to delete a message, there is an option to “Delete for you only” and “Delete for both sides”. you have to select Delete for Both Sides.

Knowing if someone blocked me on Telegram

Knowing if someone blocked me on Telegram

Your friend might have blocked you if you are unable to send any messages, or even see their profile picture.

The messages stay on Telegram

Messages on Telegram can stay forever if not deleted by users. They are stored in the cloud, so you can view them in your Telegram account.

The disadvantage of Telegram

Telegram can be a little harder to use and less friendly for new users. It also offers fewer features, including 2-person video calls and encryption on individual chats.

Telegram is not a cheating app

Telegram is not a cheating app

Telegram is not a cheating app. Telegram is an encrypted messaging and voice calling app. You need to register with a phone number, or with a Facebook or Google account to sign up for Telegram, which makes it impossible to register on multiple devices with the same phone number.

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Telegram used for dating

Telegram is not used specifically for dating and there are no dating categories in our application. However, the integrated Bot platform allows creating custom bots that can bring you more information about your objects of interest, as well as anything you can imagine using this technology.

Telegram safe to send photos

If you’re concerned about sending photos to Telegram, don’t be. We use end-to-end encryption by default and that means that third parties can’t see your messages or media, including the photos you send on Telegram.

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Recovering Telegram deleted chats

you can recover deleted Telegram chats if you have a backup version.

Telegram is most used by

Telegram is used by more than 200 million people from all around the world. It’s available in bad and good times, in any country – at any time!

The safest messaging app

Telegram is one of the safest messaging apps to use because it has end-to-end encryption. The security of your messages is protected by a combination of 256-bit symmetric AES encryption, plus 2048-bit RSA encryption, and Diffie-Hellman secure key exchange.

The Secret chat on Telegram

Secret Chat is a feature that lets you exchange messages with other Telegram users without the fear of being snooped on. Messages are strongly encrypted and can self-destruct so that even Telegram administrators can‘t get them.

Messages disappearing on Telegram

Your messages may be disappearing because the other user has set a timer or you are in a private chat.


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