How to send a video message on Telegram?

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  • All you have to do is go to any chat, hit the mic symbol to activate the camera, and then record your message when you’re ready.
  • Now, all you have to do to record a video message is press and hold the camera icon.
  • When you’re finished, simply release the recording button to send your message, and it will be delivered in an instant.

📼 How to SEND VIDEO-MESSAGE in Telegram 

People Also Asked:

Can I send video through Telegram?

Telegram lets you send a video message, right from your phone. Simply tap the camera icon to record, and release to send. A new feature in Telegram 6 on iOS and Android allows you to send a video message with just a tap.

How do you do a video message on Telegram?

You can send a video message on Telegram by tapping the camera icon. Then, you can start recording your message by holding the camera icon.

How can I send long video on Telegram?

To send a long video, first take the video and then share the link. This can be easily done by pressing the Share button under the Video section.

What is the maximum video size for Telegram?

What is the maximum video size for Telegram?

The maximum size of the video file is 4 GB. You can send files up to this limit in 1 message and up to 100 chats at once.

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Why is my video not sent on Telegram?

Your video may not be sent on Telegram if your internet connection is poor or if the video file is large. The video should start playing briefly before it sends, so make sure you can see the video preview in your phone’s browser before sending it to someone else.”

Where are Telegram video messages saved?

Your Telegram video messages are saved in your Telegram account, so you can access them whenever and wherever you want.

How can I send a video on the Telegram desktop?

How can I send a video on the Telegram desktop?

You can send videos on the Telegram desktop by clicking the camera icon on the top right corner of the chat box. This will open the video call interface where you can record or select an existing video file and set a title for it. The other party is notified via a phone ringtone as well as an orange tab with “Video Call” written on it.

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How do you send a message on Telegram?

You can easily send a message and attach photos, videos, polls, and files to any of your contacts with Telegram.

Does Telegram compress video files?

Yes, Telegram compresses video files. If a user has a connection to the Internet and does not use a cellular network, then Telegram will compress the files with the aim to save bandwidth for both the sender and recipient.

Can I send 4K video on Telegram?

Yes, you can send 4K videos on Telegram. And there’s no limit on the length of videos you send either.

How Telegram is safe?

Telegram is highly secure. Telegram’s MTProto protocol has been designed with simplicity and speed in mind. It is optimized for mobile devices (including iOS, Android and Windows), so that you can communicate securely from your phone.

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Is Telegram safe to send private pictures?

Yes, Telegram is safe to send private pictures. Only the person you sent your pictures to will be able to see them.

How much does it cost to send a Telegram?

Telegram is free to use and does not charge for sending messages or photos. The only cost is from your data plan, if you send messages over WiFi instead.

How can I upload video faster in Telegram?

. f you want to upload a video faster, you’ll have to compress it before posting it on Telegram.

Is Telegram a popular messaging app?

Telegram is a very popular messaging app. It started as an instant messaging client for smartphones and tablets, with special features such as self-destructing messages and “secret chats.” Telegram has gained popularity in the wake of revelations about the scale of global surveillance, which include monitoring of Internet communications by governments.

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