How to see when someone joined Instagram?

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Have you ever wondered when someone joined Instagram? Maybe you met a potential business partner and wanted to see their profile. Likewise, you might want to know when people who already follow your company joined the network. Fortunately, there is a very easy way to do this, but it’s not so obvious.

How To See When Someone Joined Instagram | When The Account Was Created

How to see when someone joined Instagram?

  1. To check the date when a person joined Instagram can be seen in an account.
  2. First log in to your account. Search the account you want to know about it.
  3. Go to their profile and on the right side of the page there are three dots.
  4. Tap on that and choose the option “about this account”.
  5. In there you can see the date the account joined the Instagram.

People Also Asked:

Hide when joined Instagram

Sure, you can. Just pull down on your profile menu on top of your page and select Details to find the option for “Hide Instagram Join Date”. To unhide your join date, just switch it back to SHOW (as pictured above).

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If someone has multiple Instagram accounts 2021

You can see if someone has multiple Instagram accounts 2021. This is possible to check by going to their profile and checking the number of followers. If there are more than one account, it will show up as “Instagram Profile”, but if none are listed then it means that they don’t have any other account with this name

Find out who made an Instagram account

You can find out who made an Instagram account by entering their username in the search bar, then clicking on their profile image. Clicking on the “View Profile” button will allow you to see all of the following details: a user’s location, number of followers, description, website and links.

When Instagram first started

When Instagram first started

Instagram first started in 2010 by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger. It was first released as a stand-alone app on October 6, 2010, while it was available only on iOS in the App Store.

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When someone was last active on Instagram

To tell when someone was last active on Instagram, you’ll want to open their profile and scroll down to the “Liked By” section. Here you can see who has been liking and commenting recently on their content – which shows how recently they’ve been active.

Find someone’s email on Instagram

You can find someone’s email on Instagram by tapping on their profile and looking for the “Contact” button in the bottom right corner. You’ll see a pop up that gives you the option to follow or message them, along with their Facebook and Instagram handles.

Trace a fake Instagram account

Trace a fake Instagram account

You can tell if an Instagram account is fake by looking for a few things. First, look for accounts that have been inactive for a long time and have very few followers but many posts. This can be true of older accounts, but if the account hasn’t posted in several months or has a small number of followers, it is more likely to be fake. Fake accounts are often created by bot software rather than an actual person.

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Can’t I see when someone was last active on Instagram Anymore

This is due to Instagram changing how they show when someone was last active on their profile. Because this information has been removed, it’s not possible to see when a person was last online on Instagram anymore.

Instagram show last active

Instagram shows a last active time when you look at user profiles, but it doesn’t tell you how long ago that was. If the user has last been active on Instagram, it will show their last active time in brackets next to their username.

Instagram originally was called

Instagram was originally called Burbn. The company changed its name due to trademark issues.

2 Instagram accounts

You can have 2 Instagram accounts. You just need to be logged in to the second account in another browser. It’s easy to do and you can even follow people from both accounts at once!

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