How to search for someone on Zoosk?

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Have you ever wondered how to search for someone on zoosk? It’s not straight forward and can be confusing if you’re looking for a specific person. In this article I’m going to explain exactly how to do it in detail so you’re able to find that special someone on zoosk!

How Does Zoosk Work – Beginner’s Guide

How to search for someone on Zoosk?

  • Zoosk does not currently provide the functionality to search for an individual based on their name, Zoosk display name, or email address.
  • Since it is possible that other members may have similar names/nicknames.
  • It is best to try using a previous connection as a starting point to locate your intended profile.

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Searching for someone on Zoosk

You can search through your Connections, Messages, or Views to locate the profile of a person with whom you have previously communicated on Zoosk so that you can get in touch with them once more.

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Looking at Zoosk without signing up

You can take a look around our site and the features that we offer without joining Zoosk. Once you’re ready, go ahead and sign up to create your profile.

When a connection disappears on Zoosk

When a connection disappears on Zoosk, it means that your match has hidden their profile from you. This indicates that they no longer wish to chat with you, and may have closed their account completely. They are no longer receiving messages from other members as well.

Premium messaging on Zoosk

Premium messaging on Zoosk

Premium messaging on Zoosk is an excellent way to get noticed and connect with people who are interested in you. Unlike other online dating sites, premium messaging allows you to send messages to anyone you want—and you’ll only be charged for the messages that you receive.

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A green dot on Zoosk

A green dot on Zoosk means that person is currently active on Zoosk. He or she is either Online, or Conversing with someone else via messages or calls

When a Zoosk member wants to meet you

If a Zoosk member wants to meet you, it means they want you to be their date! It’s great to see that they like what they see, and want to get to know you better. The first step is usually sending a “Hi” or “Hello” request. Then you can begin messaging back and forth and get to know each other better in the Zoosk app.

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Zoosk or

If you’re looking for a dating site that is easy to use, offers great features and has a large number of members, Zoosk is an excellent choice. (formerly The Match Group), on the other hand, has been around much longer than Zoosk, which means it has more members and more features than any other dating site.

Identifying a player on a dating site like Zoosk

The best way to identify a player on dating sites like Zoosk is by trying to read between the lines and seeing if they ever talk about meeting you in person. Usually these people will bring up the idea of meeting then never follow through. If someone sounds like a player, trust your gut and move on.

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