How to report a Telegram scammer?

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Scammers are a constant problem for Telegram. They impersonate admins and send out messages with a link to their website, which contains malware. The scammers’ handles are often stolen from other users and changed just enough so it’s difficult to report them.

How To Report A User Or Channel On Telegram (e.g. Scammers)

How to report a Telegram scammer?

  • To report a scammer on Telegram, first touch on their profile to access the “Profile” options.
  • Then, press the “Report” button in the upper right corner of their profile screen.
  • Next, choose why you are reporting them and who they are impersonating.

People Also Asked:

Reporting someone on Telegram

To report someone on Telegram, all you need to know is how to find their profile. From here, just go to the upper right corner of their profile screen, and press the “Report” button.

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Telegram is used for scamming

Telegram is used for scamming. In fact, many online criminals use platforms like Telegram to trick their victims into believing they are sending vital information to a trusted entity.

Report a channel on Telegram

Reporting channels on Telegram is a simple process. To report a channel, you first need to go to the “More” menu and then click on “Report.” Your issue will be reviewed by our moderators as soon as possible.

If Telegram channel is reported

If Telegram channel is reported

Reporting a channel will not result in any physical consequence for the channel’s creator or users. You are reporting this channel because you believe it does not follow Telegram’s Community Guidelines, which is a reasonable concern. Our policy team reviews all reports and takes action if and when necessary.

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Knowing who reported me on Telegram

You cannot know the person who reported you on Telegram. The reports are anonymous and only you can see the type of offence or rule that was broken.

Knowing if someone is real on Telegram

To know if someone is real, you can search their profile by their phone number to confirm who they are. Please note that Telegram will never show personal information like phone numbers or private messages in public chats.

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Telegram showing your number

Telegram shows only your number to the people you want.

Stopping unknown messages on Telegram

To stop Unknown messages on Telegram, go to your account settings in the app and click the Privacy and Security option. Then toggle “Block Unknown Contacts” off, which prevents unknown people from sending you messages. You can also learn how to block or report unwanted contacts in this article.

Time it takes for Telegram support to answer

The Telegram support team usually responds within 12 hours. We monitor all tickets in real-time and assign the highest priority to those that are urgent.

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