How to report a Telegram group?

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If you are already a member of a Telegram group and you feel like something isn’t going as it should, you can report the group.

How to report a Telegram account or channel

How to report a Telegram group?

  • In order to report a Telegram group or channel, you need to first open the group chat or channel.
  • Then select the three-dot menu located in the top right corner of your screen,
  • choose “Report” and then type in a reason why you are reporting it.

People Also Asked:

When a group is reported on Telegram

Once a group is reported on Telegram, it can either become limited temporarily or permanently banned.

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Reporting a spam group on Telegram

Reporting spam groups in Telegram is easy. Just tap on the group name and you’ll see Report Spam option. Tap this option, fill out the fields and tap Send report button.

Knowing who reported me on Telegram

You cannot know who reported you on Telegram. Reports are completely anonymous.

Deleting a Telegram group

Deleting a Telegram group

To delete a Telegram group, you need to go to the desired group and press the ‘Edit’ button. Click on the ‘History’ tab and then select ‘Delete’. You will get a pop-up window asking you to confirm your action. Once done so, that particular group will be gone from your Messenger permanently.

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Keep getting added to random Telegram groups

The reason you keep getting added to random Telegram groups is that other users add you. You can find out who added you and remove them by checking your Recent Activity.

Telegram account is banned

You have violated Telegram terms, and your account has been banned.

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Reporting a scammer

You can report a scammer by tapping on the “Report” link in any call or chat. This will help us keep our service better for everyone.

Stopping unknown messages on Telegram

You can stop unknown messages on Telegram by changing your privacy settings. You have to choose to only receive messages from your contacts. This will prevent unwanted intrusions in your conversations, and guard your privacy.

Telegram working with law enforcement

Telegram will not work with law enforcement. We support privacy, and never share your personal data.

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