How to report a channel on Telegram?

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  • Just head to the channel.
  • Click on the three-dot menu and select “Report.”
  • To complete the report, you need to choose or write your reasoning.

How to report telegram account or channel

People Also Asked:

How can I ban a Telegram channel?

You can report a channel for violating our Community Standards by clicking on the three dots next to their username and selecting Report.

What action does Telegram take on a channel if we report it?

Telegram takes action on a channel if we receive a legitimate report about that channel. We believe in the freedom of speech, but we also believe in people’s right to be safe from harm and abuse.

How can I report Telegram?

You can report a user or channel for non-self posts by tapping the 3 dots in their profile. To report a post, press the thumbnail of that post.

How do I report a spam group on Telegram?

How do I report a spam group on Telegram?

Here’s how to report a spam group on Telegram: 1) Open the group chat 2) Tap on the three dots at the top right corner 3) Select Report 4) Choose Spam or Group 5) Report the user for spam.

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Can we report a Telegram group?

Yes, you can report a Telegram group.

Does Telegram report to the police?

Telegram bans the group or channel that was reported by a user, but no reports to the police.

How long does a Telegram ban last?

How long does a Telegram ban last?

Telegram bans can last a lifetime.

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Can you be banned from Telegram?

Yes, If more than a dozen users report you to Telegram, you can get banned.

Which countries have banned Telegram?

Telegram has been banned in Russia and Iran, because of government regulations.

Which country uses Telegram most?

Russia, Iran, and Central Asian countries are the countries that use Telegram most.

Is Telegram safer than WhatsApp?

Telegram and WhatsApp are both encrypted apps that can be used to send messages, share photos, and make video calls. But unlike WhatsApp, Telegram lets you know if your messages have been seen by the recipient. Telegram has recently gained popularity over WhatsApp because it’s much more secure than WhatsApp and also has support for self-destructing messages.

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What is the disadvantage of Telegram?

Telegram is a peer-to-peer, encrypted messaging system with a powerful array of tools. The main issue with the service is that it doesn’t offer encrypted group calls or video calls. As such, it’s difficult to recommend it to someone who requires these features.

What happens when you report a group on Telegram?

When you report a group on Telegram, it gets sent to us with a complete and comprehensive report. This is our way of letting groups know that they need to clean up their act and meet our community standards, so they don’t lose their access to their valuable mobile communities.

How to report telegram account or channel

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