How to refresh Telegram contacts?

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How do you refresh telegram contacts? You are in the right place to get the answer. After reading this article, your query will be solved. Do not be afraid on getting this solution to your problem. It’s motivating me to help you with that thing.

Telegram Fix Update Contacts 

How to refresh Telegram contacts?

  • In order to refresh your Telegram contacts, simply sync your phone contacts with Telegram.
  • First, navigate to Settings by tapping on the three horizontal lines in the upper left-hand corner of your screen and scrolling down to Security & Privacy.
  • From here, select Sync Contacts to enable the feature that syncs contacts from your phone.
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People Also Asked:

Contacts are not synced in Telegram

If your contacts are not syncing in Telegram, you have to enable contact sync manually from Telegram’s privacy and security settings. 

Clearing all contacts on Telegram

You can clear the contacts on Telegram by deleting all of the contacts in your Telegram account. Here’s how: 1) Click on the three-dotted icon at the right of the chat bar, and then select Settings. 2) Choose Privacy and Security 3) Go to Contacts 4) Select Delete All.

Deleted contacts still appear on Telegram

Deleted contacts still appear on Telegram if you have previously scheduled a message from them, or sent them a photo or sticker. Delete messages and media directly from your chats with one tap.

Deleting synced contacts on Telegram

Deleting synced contacts on Telegram

If you delete the synced contacts from Telegram, the contact remains on your phone. If you still want to sync with Telegram and delete it from the phone, you will have to remove it from your account.

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The meaning of sync contacts

The sync contacts feature is intended for users who have multiple active Google accounts, who want to keep their Contacts information up-to-date across all of the services. When this feature is turned on and then a user adds a contact that already exists in another Google service (i.e., Gmail or Google+), this information will automatically appear on both services within a few minutes. 

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Updating Telegram app

To update your Telegram app, go to the App Drawer or home screen, open Google Play and search for Telegram. If you see an update available for your Telegram app, tap Update and make sure to confirm it.

Updating Telegram without Google Play

You can download Telegram directly from our official website. Simply go to and click on the green button “Download”.

When logout of Telegram

If you logout from Telegram, all secret chats that you have opened will be deleted.

Telegram notifies contacts

When you join Telegram, it sends a notification to all of your contacts who are already using the platform.

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